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ELITE Navigation Data for Europe


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Navigation database (cycle date 04-02-2016) for ELITE home user software and ATDs using GenView ™ visual scenery (ELITE Version 8.0 and above).  Database includes runways that are 3,000 ft and longer with approved IFR approaches, fixes, holding patterns, communication frequencies, airport information and navaids.

Download and run install… it is as simple as that!

The Databases included in this installation:

  • ALPS
  • ESPO
  • EUNE
  • EUSE
  • FRAC
  • GBIR
  • GBNL
  • ITAS
  • SCAA
  • SWISS Real View
  • TURK

(NOTE:  This update does NOT include GPS data.  GPS data is sold separately)

File size: 3.59 GB (3,858,747,392 bytes)

Please download the installer after purchase as the link will expire in 5 days!

On the “Thank you for your order” page you will see a link to download the product. You will also get an email, if you don’t receive the email, please check your spam folder. For Advanced ATD systems please purchase the update online then schedule an appointment with ELITE technicians to install this navigation data remotely, for AATD systems only- DO NOT download and install the product, you will get an error message.