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IPM (Inter­con­nec­tiv­ity Pro­to­col Module)


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Now use your hand­held GPS or EFB with ELITE!

Hand­held GPS units and EFBs have become extremely valu­able nav­i­ga­tion com­pan­ions in recent years. The rel­a­tively low cost and capa­bil­ity of these devices is impres­sive, many with func­tion­al­ity rival­ing some of the most sophis­ti­cated panel-mount tech­nol­ogy. Unfor­tu­nately, until now, there has been no good way to thor­oughly learn and prac­tice fly­ing with these devices BEFORE climb­ing in the cock­pit. ELITE rec­og­nized this need and now sup­ports com­mu­ni­ca­tion with hand­held GPSs and EFBs so you can fly with your spe­cific device, on your com­puter, at your convenience.

Become pro­fi­cient in the use of your hand­held GPS and/or EFB devices before head­ing out to the air­craft. Plan a trip then fly it on ELITE uti­liz­ing all the same tools you’ll use on the actual flight. Fly­ing a dry run on the sim will give you a chance to tweak any aspect of your planning/programming as nec­es­sary to obtain max­i­mum safety and util­ity from your air­craft. And, maybe most impor­tantly, sim­ply become famil­iar with the trip and the inte­gra­tion of the devices in a real-time flight environment.

The new IPM is the safest, most effi­cient way to become pro­fi­cient with your favorite cock­pit companion.