ELITE Flight Simulators.
Excellent Quality. Superior Value.

Over 30 years of excellence in fixed and rotary wing simulators.


Increase your sources of revenue. No bad weather days, environmentally friendly, expand training capabilities with advanced avionics and systems training.


Inspired by Excellence. We are proud of our Swiss heritage and follow Swiss Quality standards. Our simulators are built to last for a lifetime.


Since 1987, Elite is a leading manufacturer in the flight simulation industry and our wide variety of trainers can be found around the globe.

Releasing in 2024 – The new ELITE iOS !


René Huddlestone

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What our Clients say

  • Thank you for the fantastic support you and your team at ELITE provided us for our upgrade to the G1000 digital RC1000 system. It went in fast and worked right off. Lauren was fantastic in showing us how to use the system; from proper turn on to turn off and all the cool stuff in between. She took time to answer all of our questions and it helped that she’s such an enthusiastic pilot.

    J. French
    Professor - Human Factors Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • I rec­om­mend ELITE to all aspir­ing pilots I meet, par­tic­u­larly those seek­ing an Instru­ment Rat­ing. Addi­tion­ally, I strongly encour­age those who seek to pur­sue avi­a­tion as a pro­fes­sion, to make ELITE part of their air­man­ship development/proficiency program.

    Tony, Stafford
    NH ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial SEL Foreign Licenses: A380;A340;A330
  • This sim is the best, the BEST that you can buy for a flight school. The system is amazing in every way, and the factory service is second to none. They actually answer the phone when you call them…. We are working on an article about it’s many features, some that you won’t believe. PLEASE come to CHO and see this system, or visit the factory in Florida.. and, if you are looking for a simulator for your business… look here FIRST.

    Dennis Pierce
    Colorado Heli Ops
  • I have been very actively using and upgrading ELITE’s fine flight simulation equipment for over 15 years. It is essential equipment which I integrate in our accelerated IFR rating program. The support that goes behind their products is phenomenal!!

    Bob Yarmey
    Senior Instrucor
  • Return on invest­ment from this setup has been so fast and very effi­cient. I have prac­ticed the Garmin 430 with real approaches to var­i­ous air­ports; the amount of learn­ing from these prac­tices in one week was more than what I got in the last year. I wish I had set up this con­fig­u­ra­tion with ELITE S/W and GPS con­trol unit when I started work­ing on my IFR rat­ing. My learn­ing curve would have been bet­ter curved and I would have saved lots of money. I strongly rec­om­mend to all IFR stu­dents the ELITE most recent soft­ware with the Garmin 430.

    Orhan B.