Proudly & based. Since 1987.

Our Mission

Enhance aviation safety, deliver reliable, precise, and high quality flight simulation training devices. 


Working together to make a difference, in aviation safety, and efficient training.

Jörg Rickli - CTO

Our founder & lead developer. He is behind most of the magic that happens in our flight models, Garmin integrations & widespread connectivity with Foreflight, Garmin Pilot App, SkyDemon...

Sebastian Loebbert - CEO

With ELITE since 2015, and currently co-owner of ELITE, Sebastian has grown our brand and made sure we are ready for the next generation of FSTDs, motion platform, mixed reality. Wherever the industry goes, Sebastian will navigate us through.

Peter Pirchl - Chairman of the board

Hired in 1998 to help develop ELITE Genview, Peter role has evolved to become responsible for all Special projects with our high lever partners (Pilatus, Diamond, Thalès...) and oversees the board, as co-owner of ELITE.

Julian - Head of SDE

Highly experienced in developing flight models, in optimizing processes for best performance. He makes sure our software runs smooth, and delivers the best flight performance behavior.

Eduardo - Head of FSTD Certification

Eduardo is the expert behind our ELITE certification guarantee, with an incredible track record: a 100% success rate.

Christopher - CCO

Working with the team to bring ELITE to new heights: Motion, Mixed Reality, A320, Custom FTD2 projects...

Flavio - Project Manager

He loves processes and project management, and will make sure we deliver exactly what you need, in time and that all our customers expectations are met.

René - Marketing & Sales Director

With over 25 years of experience with us, René knows exactly what ELITE can bring to your flight school, for the next 20 years.

Calvin Fraites

Calvin - Managing Director Americas (North, Central, South America)

25+ years of simulation experience covering rotor and fixed-wing aircraft up to level D simulators. Our strong man in the US.

Peter - Developer

Peter makes sure that the hardware interacts properly with the software and is specialized in implementing aircraft systems. His broad expertise with different simulation systems helps us to determine the best possible approach to fulfil our customer's requirements.

Andzelika - Developer

Bringing in fresh wind into our software team, Andzelika tackles the integration of navigation and flight management systems into our products. With an incredible perseverance she chases all the required details to make our software work like the real thing.

Timo - Production

With his background in wide body aircraft maintenance, Timo knows exactly how to set up a decent wiring and where to put special emphasis to build a long lasting and reliable hardware setup.

Mario - Production

The team's handyman, Mario builds and installs simulators globally, his passion for flying driving him to deliver excellence in every project. His broad knowledge of handling different materials helps us to tailor system setups to the requirements of our customers.

We are a compact yet efficient & creative team. Aviation professionals, dedicated to building and delivering high level training devices, for customers that expect nothing but the best.

Sebastian Loebbert.

René Huddlestone

Sales Director

Christopher Réville

Chief Commercial Officer