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Advantages of a certified flight simulator

Advantages of a certified flight simulator

It is more affordable and environmentally clean

The absolute best investment in pilot training is the purchase and use of a flight simulator. It is much more affordable than burning fuel in the air, paying for expensive maintenance, or having to sign a contract for a huge sum for insurance. And you don’t even need your own airfield! Practice all emergencies in any weather condition (which your instructor decides to “throw” you in) and every flight will end safely.

It is the safest way to learn to fly

Statistics show that a very high number of accidents happen during flight training. So why not invest now into a flight simulator where all operations are “safe and sound”? Our flight simulators give students the chance to experiment with all the controls and at the same time enhance their flight methods and maneuvers. Unexpected and challenging situations, which students are likely to face in the air can be encountered within the “safety net” of a flight simulator.

Navigation in the flight simulator is the key to success

Navigation is a skill that needs intense training and good preparation. So why not prepare your first solo navigation in a flight simulator? The flight students can get straight into the simulator and practice, learn, achieve, and test their navigational abilities. This is the key to successfully passing the challenging theory exams and getting that navigational flight right on the spot! The flight examiner will be thrilled by your expertise thanks to the training in a flight simulator. A successful pilots training starts truly in a sophisticated and world-renowned flight simulator.

Build-up of muscle memory in the flight simulator

Muscle memory can be described as the moment of committing a specific motor task into memory through the process of repetition. In a carefully designed flight simulator, the students learn what to do and what not to do, either by experimenting on their own or with the aid of a professional instructor. At any point of the simulator flight, you can “reset the procedure” and go over it again. Repeating these vital steps again and again will build up muscle memory and prevent mistakes from happening in the air.

Forget the rainy days out on the tarmac

A flight simulator is designed to simulate any type of weather over any type of terrain. Imagine flying into heavy snowfall on a very windy morning and landing within the next 2 hours in the desert with a tailwind and low visibility? Here in the comfort and safety of a flight simulator the students practice their necessary techniques and will master any condition. No more wet clothes and risky flying conditions! And don’t worry about a training flight being cancelled due to bad weather – just pop into the flight simulator! Again a “safety net” philosophy thanks to this modern device will produce highly skilled pilots who will feel confident in their flying careers.

Marketing tool with a “WOW” effect

Whether you are a flight school or a university with an aeronautical course: Plan your brand awareness and marketing strategy with our latest A320/B737 flight deck. This will ensure you are “on everybody’s lips” and potential new student pilots will find you! They will definitively choose your aviation training organization! A flight simulator with FNPT II MCC + APS MCC configuration will be the most prestigious and state of the art training device in this category for years to come.

Be your best – the ELITE flight simulator is your friend

Is your next proficiency or flight test around the corner and you don’t feel quite ready? Or you simply want to keep your skills “fresh”? Then a flight simulator will be “your best friend”. Stay sharp, work on your skills, and know you will be a safe pilot. Practice for perfection, whether you are a private pilot or stepping up the ladder into the professional world of flying. Are you heading for full flight simulator sessions which are very expensive? Then there is no better path than to fly in a flight simulator in an affordable way. Prepare yourself or your students to get the dream job in the airline industry.

Get those radio calls right

It is proven again and again that radio operation skills can be enhanced in a flight simulator by a trained instructor creating realistic situations. A flight simulator is ideal to put students into challenging radio communication procedures that can occur during all phases of flight. This communication skill must be practiced over and over again. It is a key player in the flight career of any pilot, keeping oneself “out of trouble” and therefore enhancing overall safety. There is no better environment to train these procedures than in a flight simulator. During debriefing you can actually go through your voice “job” again and sort out the mistakes, even your pronunciation, in the shortest possible of time.

Learn to deal with emergencies

In a flight simulator, the students can explore poor decision consequences without facing the risk of an accident. A high number of in-flight accidents happen during training because some scenarios are known to carry a high level of risk. For example, the training for a loss of hydraulic power in flight on some aircraft, especially rotorcraft, is risky. Icing or engine failures can be life-threatening in real life. Why not practice these in the safe environment a flight simulator? It will allow students to gain fundamental skills and use them correctly when things go wrong in the air. Last but not least, it will give your students an enormous boost in confidence.


The full use of an ELITE flight simulator is the necessary way to any successful and safe flight operation in the modern world of aviation business. Our state-of-the art Swiss quality flight simulators are waiting to be shipped to you. Please contact us for a quote. We shall help you achieve your goal of a safe flying environment with satisfied students. We will support you in producing skilled and professional future pilots! The advantages of the ELITE flight simulator over a real aircraft for training in the first phase and later on the testing and refreshing courses are a real game changer – don’t miss out on this very precious and valuable tool which will increase your aviation business in general, your bottom line and at the same time the confidence and professionalism of your pilots.

By Stephan Mark Stirnimann, June 2022

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