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Aviaticky Klub now offers in-house flight simulation training thanks to Elite

The mid-sized Aviation Training Organisation Aviaticky klub, which is located in the Czech Republic, has been offering modular flight training for almost two decades. Its clients range from applicants seeking private flying as a way to escape from the everyday “hustle and bustle” to young ATPL applicants working their way towards a professional career in the airline industry. The impressive fleet consists of 20 single and multi-engine trainers evenly spread between the airports of Roudnice (LKRO) and Plzen (LKLN), both within approximately an hour’s drive from the capital of Prague.


As from 2023, Aviaticky klub is a proud owner of its very own ELITE S311 AATD and FNPT II, supplied by ELITE Flight Simulation Solutions AG in Switzerland. „Until the purchase of this latest device our company had to outsource the ATR FNPT II training at high rates, with ever changing instructors and the necessity of commuting to the supplier at the airport of Prague“, explains head of training at Aviaticky klub, Mr Viktor Soukup. „Some students who live further away were actually restricted to instrument flying on our aircraft only.“


“After a thorough market study we had started to collect the funds to invest in our own FNPT II simulator“, says Soukup. „The ELITE S311 AATD and FNPT II became the obvious winner due to its excellent price-to-value ratio and fast delivery times.“ By choosing the ELITE S311 AATD FNPT II, Aviaticky klub has invested wisely in their continuing aviation success story. Aviaticky klub’s friendly environment, relative proximity from the German and Austrian borders together with the professional staff and fair pricing policy have kept the influx of students constant even during the pandemic period. 


“Our reputation in instrument flying keeps attracting not only local students but also pilots from abroad. Although instrument flying forms a significant part of our professional pilot training, it tends to be rather neglected when it comes down to private pilots. We therefore responded to this fact by being among the first schools nationwide to offer EIR/CB-IR in 2015 and the very first ATO providing BIR training in central Europe in 2021 after the EIR rating had been discontinued“, adds Soukup.”

“ELITE’s Czech representative, Mr Martin Krouza, facilitated the process of acquisition, delivery, installation and certification in such a smooth way that we were able to uninterruptedly keep doing what we’re good at – teaching people how to fly“    


About ELITE:

ELITE Simulation Solutions AG is a global provider of IFR training software, flight controls and flight training devices, with over 450 certified simulators sold worldwide since 1987. ELITE builds and supports EASA, FAA, CASA, ANAC and DGCA (among others) certified flight training devices and offers customer-specific developments to both private and government entities. Our hallmark is quality and our creed is excellent customer service. ELITE offices are located in Zürich, Switzerland and Orlando, Florida USA. Website:



Contact :

Viktor Soukup

Head of Training CZ/ATO-018

Tel: +420 732 711 173

Aviaticky klub, s.r.o.

Kostalkova 1104/4 

182 00 Prague 8

Czech Republic

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