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Basic Aviation Training Device XTS Upgrade

Basic Aviation Training Device XTS Upgrade

ELITE has some great news for our BATD customers.  ELITE has received FAA Approval for the new version of Basic ATD software, ELITE XTS Professional. This new version introduces some added features, and should be an easy transition to our large BATD customer base.

One of the changes is our newly revised aircraft instrument panels that are designed for 22” widescreen monitor.  This allows for a broader inclusion of Garmin-style GPSs.  We’ve also added a partial glass panel to each of our aircraft offerings.  This is an AHRS-style display that provides speed tapes, altitude tapes, and HSI functionality in a format familiar to the many older aircraft being updated with Garmin G500, G5s, and Aspen displays.  Of course, this software still includes the analog gauge instrumented aircraft currently in your software (except for the TB-10 and TB-20 aircraft, which didn’t make the cut—sorry to that handful of users of those aircraft out there…).  The new software is also compatible with Windows 7 and 10 operating systems.

As you can probably understand, these improvements will require some changes and expense on your part.  These include obtaining a 22” widescreen monitor for the pilot screen possible upgrading or purchasing a new computer to run BATD XTS (it is not compatible with Windows XP), and purchasing the software upgrade.

Other things to consider:  Since the software has an optional GTN650/750 GPS, one can purchase a touchscreen monitor for the pilot instrument panel.  If you need to buy a new widescreen monitor, now would be the time to consider the touchscreen if you use, or plan to use, the GTN GPS add-on. The touchscreen monitor will be required for FAA Approval when using the GTN series GPS.

The previous letter of authorization (LOA) expired September 30, 2019. Those trainers running BATD v8.x will no longer be approved for use in FAA-approved ways.  Of course, the trainer can still be used as a training aide, but not for “loggable” time.

Other Upgrade Items to Consider:

Enhanced Visual System

E500 Hardware Module

GTN Hardware Module

Pilot Deck Components Including XTS Hood for ELITE Flight Consoles

GPS Navigation Data Update

What’s Included in ELITE XTS?

  • New AHRS (E500) style avionics options available on every aircraft (E-500 Module required to meet FAA Approval)
  • GNS 430WAAS and GNS 530WAAS
  • GTN 650 & 750 GPS (additional add-on purchases required)
  • 1080P & 4K instrument panel resolution in widescreen format
  • Night instrument panels (with dimming)
  • SimControlX remote instructor station compatibility (iPad App) (Genview Only, iPad & iPad app purchase not included)
  • New dynamic weather settings and instructor station functions
  • Option of having Genview external visual on separate monitor
  • Option for Instructor station + Weather/Failures on two separate live monitors
  • Wi-fi EFB connectivity for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot and other compatible EFB apps
  • IPM Module which allows handheld GPS’s to connect to ELITE software
  • Quick time presets
  • Integrated weather pages
  • Redesigned game controller screen
  • Control loading support (Pro Panel III required)
  • EFS40/EADI 40 external hardware support (EFIS Module required to meet FAA Approval)
  • 8.33 kHZ Com spacing
  • Multi Sound device selector
Example Avionics Display Options Shown

What aircraft are included in ELITE XTS?

  • Archer III
  • Arrow IV
  • Baron 58
  • Bonanza A36
  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 172S
  • Cessna 182S
  • King Air B200
  • Money M20J
  • Seneca III

ACTION REQUIRED: Current owners and/or operators of the ELITE PI-135 or other model Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) need to upgrade their software in order to continue FAA Approved use of the trainer. The PI-135 Letter of Approval (LOA) expires on September 30, 2019. After that date, ELITE v8.x software is NOT approved and the device will no longer be considered a BATD.

How to maintain approval of your BATD:

  1. Order ELITE XTS Professional (verify WIBU key serial number is 63000 for upgrade, directions here)
  2. Install ELITE XTS Professional software. The new LOA will be provided at completion of installation.
  3. Purchase 22″ widescreen monitor to replace square instrument monitor (touchscreen for use with E500 or GTN) (if applicable). ELITE XTS Pro displays the instruments on a widescreen monitor, we recommend no larger than 22″ so the avionics stack and monitor will fit on top of the flight console. You can NOT use a square (non-widescreen) monitor to display the instruments with XTS Pro. NOTE: If you want to purchase and use the GTN add-on, you will need a Touchscreen Widescreen Monitor.
  4. If you previously purchased a GNS430W navigation database update an ELITE tech support rep will need remote access (internet required) to reinstall the database on ELITE XTS Pro, contact ELITE to accomplish.
  5. If you want to use the GNS 430/530 included in XTS Pro, hardware is required for FAA Approval; purchase an ELITE GNS 430 or GNS 530 hardware module, if you do not already have a GNS 430 module with your PI-135. The ELITE 430/530 hardware modules will both work in XTS Pro, you only need one module in order to operate either the 430 or 530. Please note, if using the GNS 530 in the software with a GNS 430 Hardware Module, you will NOT be able to press the “VNAV” button. Click here to purchase a GNS 430 or GNS 530 hardware module.