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ELITE Cessna C172 Skyhawk JT-A

Explore the ELITE Cessna 172 Skyhawk, an advanced flight simulator crafted to mirror the cockpit experience of the renowned Cessna 172. Tailored for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, and training institutions, this simulator stands as a pinnacle of realism and adaptability.

Key Highlights:

  1. FAA AATD Certification: The ELITE Cessna 172 is designed to meet the stringent standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is eligible for certification as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), ensuring compliance with the highest training standards.

  2. Open Cockpit or Fully Enclosed Shell: Tailor your training environment to your preference with the option to choose between an open cockpit version for heightened realism or a fully enclosed shell for controlled and immersive training sessions.

  3. Dual Control Columns: Immerse yourself in a true-to-life training experience with dual control columns, facilitating training scenarios for both single and multi-pilot operations.

  4. Realistic Instrumentation: Experience the authentic feel of the Cessna 172 cockpit with faithfully replicated controls, panels, and instrumentation, providing a lifelike training environment.

  5. Accurate Avionics: Navigate with precision using accurate avionics systems, offering a realistic representation of the Cessna 172’s cockpit technology.

  6. Advanced Autopilot System: Enhance your training with an advanced autopilot system, providing a comprehensive understanding of automated flight procedures.

  7. Updatable Navigational Database: Stay current and enhance your training with an updatable navigational database, ensuring realistic and current navigation procedures.

  8. Visual Portrayal Options: Choose between a large single-channel projection screen or a three-channel curved projection screen, delivering a highly accurate visual system for an immersive training experience.

  9. Force Feedback Controls: Immerse yourself further with powerful force feedback controls, providing tactile feedback for enhanced realism during training exercises.

  10. Versatile Training Scenarios: Engage in a diverse range of training scenarios, including emergency procedures, navigation exercises, and multi-pilot coordination exercises.

  11. Realistic Startup and Shutdown Sequences: Practice authentic startup and shutdown sequences, simulating real-world pre-flight and post-flight procedures.

Discover the ELITE Cessna 172 Skyhawk, where cutting-edge technology converges with authenticity, delivering an unparalleled training platform for enthusiasts and aspiring pilots within the aviation community.

ELITE Cessna 172 Skyhawk JT-A
Universities & ATC
FAA AATD & Similar
C172 JT-A Flight Model & Software
ELITE Initial Certification Guarantee
Re-certification assistance (onsite or remote)
Upgrade to Dual Pilot Configuration
Upgrade to Shell & Canopy
Garmin 1000NXi Instrumentation
Switch panels, rudder trim & elevator trim wheels, flaps lever with annunciator light, parking brake, simulator freeze...
Dynamic control loading on Pedals
Dynamic control loading on Yoke
Aircraft like steel glareshield
Enclosed Instructor Cabin
Touchscreen iOS
Lockheed Martin P3D Visual System
Triple projector 3m wide blended display Visual System
Single Screen Visual System (32" to 98")
Worldwide shipping & Installation
Maintenance, Update & Support contracts

Open cockpit C172 Skyhawk JT-A Simulator: also available with complete shell, motion systems, or with a projection system.

Loggable hours on the FSTD


  • Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL 
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


  • Log 5.25 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 14 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 24 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
  • Log 1.25 Hrs towards the FI
  • Log 0.75 Hr towards the IFI
  • Log 6.25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


  • 5 hours dual instrument time towards the COMMERCIAL
  • 25 hours Instrument time towards the ATPL
  • 20 hours towards the IR
  • 2 hour dual instrumen towards the Night VFR rating
  • Instrument Proficiency Check & Recency (2D instrument approach operations & 3D instrument approach operations)

Any questions? Reach out to our sales team !

René Huddlestone

Sales Director

Christopher Réville

Chief Commercial Officer


The C172 Skyhawk JT-A meets the FAA AATD requirements.

The C172 comes equipped with everything you need. Nevertheless, you can add OEM devices, an enclosed shell, a curved visual system, instructor cabin, and many other options.

We are happy to provide you with visual systems ranging from one monitor to a complete surround visual system with three projectors.

We dispatch our technicians for an onsite installation & training on how to operate the device.

The device is very easy to operate and reconfigure. Nevertheless to be eligible for FAA/EASA credits, the device must be operated by an FAA/EASA approved Instructor.

This device is very popular with home users, universities, and flight schools that do not log hours. It can also be certified by other authorities, such as CASA in Australia. Ask your sales agent for more information.


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