Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

  • The ELITE Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Flight Simulation Training Device is a single seat, autopilot and replica Garmin G1000 equipped Flight Simulation Training Device capable of representing almost all aspects of the operational envelope.
  • All relevant Flight Deck controls, panels, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the Training Device. In addition to aircraft hardware, the aircraft systems and avionics are simulated in great detail to ensure the ability to represent and train all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.
  • Installed in front of the device is either a large single-channel projection screen or alternatively a three-channel curved projection screen that displays the synthetic world. Additional visual portrayal options are available. The result is a highly accurate Flight Deck and visual system which provides an immersive training environment and puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn aircraft flying skills that are, in some cases, impossible to train using actual aircraft.
  • In addition, ground operations training can be executed by utilizing highly accurate 3D airport add-on sceneries, respectively the X-Plane enhanced VFR scenery options. By adding either of these options, the actual airport being replicated is closely matched, so close in fact, that actual airport diagrams can be used in training. Pilots will find runways, taxiways, buildings, jet-ways, pads, hangars, etc. correctly placed. Runway and taxiway signs, as well as airport markings, are also detailed and accurate. Rehearsal and familiarization training of a specific airport is possible by adding either of these options, hereby greatly increasing the transfer of learning to the real world.
  • The Training Device will be fixed-mounted. All pictures included in this offer are non- contractual and for illustration purposes only. All Simulators offered by ELITE are based on existing models, without any affiliation to any supplier, constructor or any brand mentioned.

Features of the ELITE Cessna 208B Grand Caravan AATD:

  • E1000 with updatable world-wide data base.
  • Replica fiberglass cockpit.
  • Realistic instrument panel and switches.
  • Realistic Yokes, Pedal and throttle controls.
  • Force feedback system on the Yokes and pedals.
  • State of the art instructors’ station (IOS) with a unique touch screen failure system.
  • Vulcan Fire Fighting Simulation package.
  • Realistic Technisonic communication device.
  • Over 30,000 standard airports worldwide with two custom designed airports of the customer’s choice.
  • Realistic flight model designed in conjunction with Cessna 208 pilots.
  • Reliable and rapid maintenance system that covers the twelve-month warranty and gives the customer the option of extending the system on an annual basis.


Capabilities in Training Operations:

The ELITE Cessna Grand Caravan simulator will be suitable for training operations of the customers Pilots with regard to the following;

  • Dual Yoke, Rudder Pedals and Throttle Quadrant emulate the actual Grand Caravan quite closely allowing the pilots to conduct normal, abnormal and emergency flight procedures in the device.
  • The instrument layout enables the Pilots to operate the aircrafts navigational and operating systems in the simulator rather than the actual aircraft.
  • The auto-pilot system allows pilots to practice and hone their instrument flying skills with an emphasis on automation management.
  • The accurate replica middle console trim and throttle controls ensure that the Pilots get to practice standard operating procedures and the application of day-to-day procedures in a dynamic, line orientated flight environment that is not dependent on actual outside weather conditions.
  • The Cessna Grand Caravan unit with its state-of-the-art Instructor Operating System (IOS) allows for recording of flight parameters, thus ensuring that debrief feedback is clear and allows the pilot to view his flight.
  • The ELITE Cessna Grand Caravan unit with its multiple emergency operations allows the pilots to practice normal and abnormal checklists at the appropriate times in simulated adverse weather conditions.
  • The World-wide data base ensures that Pilots can practice the correct flight habits, including the appropriate preparation, route knowledge and ATC compliance applicable to flight operations in a safe and controlled environment.
  • The state-of-the-art communication system and on board cameras ensures that the Pilots can practice the correct communication protocols applicable to flight operations and review these at a later date.
  • The realistic flight model ensures that the Pilots can hone their skills as Pilot flying (PF) and Pilot not flying (PNF) in the safety of the simulator.
  • The recording process ensures that Pilots can apply diagnostic and decision-making processes in a flight environment and review their decisions made under increasing workloads and different climatic conditions.
  • The IOS also allows the instructor to change climatic conditions and institute set and random failures in a flight environment to assess the Pilots ability to recognize and mitigate threats and errors across all phases of operations and adopt threat and error management practices.




  • upgrade to 180° compact curved screen visual system
  • upgrade to dome visual
  • upgrade to dynamic control loading on stick and pedals
  • add-on 21″ Instructor station LCD (with keyboard & mouse)


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