ELITE Cessna Citation Mustang

Features of the ELITE Cessna Citation Mustang:

The offered ELITE Cessna Citation Mustang Training Device is a full replica of the actual Citation Mustang Flight Deck environment and its functionalities.

All relevant Flight Deck controls, panels, knobs, switches, and other components found in the actual aircraft Flight Deck are replicated in size, look, feel, and functionality in the Training Device.
In addition to aircraft hardware, the aircraft systems, and avionics are simulated in detail to ensure the ability to represent and train virtually all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. Behind the Training Devices Flight Deck is an Instructor Operating Station with sufficient room for the instructor and an observer.

This simulator is useful as a training instrument for IFR, basic flight training, G1000 familiarisation, and certain CRM training. This simulator will also have the ability to be accredited under CASA FSD2 Cat B in Australia which is the equivalent of AATD under FAA regulations.

Outside and in front of the Training Device is a curved projection screen where the synthetic world is projected on by three high-definition projectors that are mounted above the Training Device. The result is a highly accurate Flight Deck and large-scale visual system that provides an immersive training environment that puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn jet flying skills that are nearly impossible to train using actual aircraft.

The Mustang’s Flight Deck consists of the following:

  • Replica G1000 Style GDU 1040 A units and a 15” GDU 1500 MFD unit.
  • State-of-the-art integrated control loading on the control yokes.
  • Replica FMS/GPS
  • Realistic transponder, DME, and ADF.
  • Realistic center panel and switches including;
    – Master warning switches.
    – Master caution switches.
    – Eng. fire switches
    – Left panel switches
    – Bottle-armed switches
  • Left Oxygen Panel
  • Test Panel
  • Audio Panels
  • Rudder and Aileron Trim Panel
  • Landing gear Panel
  • Lighting Panel
  • Replica Autopilot.
  • Emergency gear release lever
  • Parking brake switch

The main simulation features:

  • Controls: Realistic control Stick, Rudder Pedals, and Throttle quadrant. The control stick has an inbuilt force feedback system.
  • Avionics: Glass Cockpit instrumentation replicates the exact configuration of the Mustang aircraft which functions almost exactly the same as in the actual aircraft ensuring maximum transfer of learning and muscle memory retention but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Force Feedback: Force feedback on the Yoke ensures an accurate feel to the control surfaces with changes in airspeed and weight configurations, resulting in a realistic control feel, which adds to the development of muscle memory and rapid emersion into the simulation scenario.
  • Aerodynamics: A very accurate aerodynamic and realistic feel during flight has been developed. 
  • Cockpit enclosure: The device enclosure consists of a Fiberglass shell that has been built to replicate the exact same shape and dimensions of the actual aircraft.
  • Sound System: ELITE makes use of state-of-the-art sound equipment that generates accurate engine and system sounds thereby adding to a more rapid and accurate emersion and generation of a lasting learning experience.
  • Scenery System: The flight platform scenery software provides a worldwide database of airports, terrain, and major city outlines. In addition to this extensive database, ELITE can optionally also build a specific accurate scenery representation of at least one base that your organization operates from. The database of this software is able to be updated with the latest information from real-world sources.

Visual system:

  • 200-degree horizontal and 45-degree vertical, curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame
  • Three overhead projectors to create a high-definition (HD) visual environment which simulates frontal and side window visual effects
  • 5760 x 1080 pixels (6.2 million pixels)
  • Pilot in Commands FOV Eye Point Adjustment through IOS station
  • Warping and Edge Blending
  • Structure for projector support
  • Features full immersion during the training session

Instructor Operator Station

The Instructor Operator Station by ELITE provides the following components and functionalities:

· Instructor Station Control Panel with intuitive touch-screen GUI

· Instructor station enclosure with Instructor desk, two Flat panel touch monitors intuitive and ergonomic layout, and functionality

Software capable of

· Easily repositioning the aircraft to a variety of ground and Flight positions instantly

· Adjusting the time to include dawn, day, dusk, and night

· Adjusting the weather such as winds, cloud cover, visibility, rain, and snow

· Activating Pause, Reposition, and Event Marking

· Loading saved scenarios to include: aircraft position, aircraft configuration, and weather parameters

· Track and Departure/Approach plots to be recorded, displayed, stored, and printable

· Simulation of a variety of failures 

· Display of a moving map that shows aircraft position, surrounding airports, and navigational aids

Certification level/approvals:

The ELITE Cessna Citation meets the following certification criteria:

  • FAA AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device) and FTD level 4-5


Geoscintex, proud ELITE customer for their open-cockpit Cessna Citation Mustang during the factory acceptance.


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