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Dynasty Aviation transforms training with ELITE Simulation

ELITE Simulation Solutions is proud to have been chosen by Florida-based flight school Dynasty Aviation, providing them with its game-changing PI-1000 Professional Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). The powerful simulator will allow the school to reduce training costs and maximise training efficiency.

As one of the leading suppliers of Flight Training Devices (FTDs), ELITE Simulation Solutions products are utilised across the globe, and Dynasty Aviation in America has become the latest training school to use the innovative simulators. Based in Miami, the school was built from the ground-up by experienced flight instructors, allowing it to provide exceptional training and support for students.

Continuously looking to develop the training it provides, Dynasty Aviation recently purchased ELITE’s PI-1000 Professional AATD. This revolutionary simulator builds on the success of the proven PI-135 BATD, providing incredibly realistic training for pilots. Approved by the FAA, as AATD the simulator incorporates LCD screens and bezels to offer real-world experiences such as WAAS approaches and simulating appropriate autopilot functions.

The Dynasty Aviation simulator features an open cockpit and pilot seat alongside heavy duty rudder pedals, replica Garmin G1000 instrumentation, SEP and MEP controls and panels, and ELITE Pro Panel III flight console with dynamic control loading. This allows it to simulate several aircraft, including the C172S, C172R, C182T, T182T, C206, T206, and Baron B58.

To ensure students could start benefiting from the simulator immediately, the ELITE team visited Dynasty Aviation to install the system directly. ELITE also provided remote troubleshooting to solve any issues.

Rene Huddlestone, Director of Marketing & Sales at ELITE said “ELITE is continuously building on our success in the North American market, with hundreds of FAA-approved BATD and AATD flight training devices currently in operation all over the USA. We are very pleased to add Dynasty Aviation to this list of ELITE FAA-approved AATD operators and look forward to working with them more in the future.”


Dao Chen, Chief Instructor at Dynasty Aviation, added, “From the moment we first spoke with the Elite team, it has been fantastic working with them. The technical support has been amazing, particularly the troubleshooting being conducted remotely, which allowed for any issues to be solved quickly. The simulator is going to help transform how we train students at Dynasty Aviation, allowing us to increase training efficiency and reduce the cost of training. Having single and multi-engine configurations combined into one unit is a gamechanger for the flight school environment.”

More information from Rene Huddlestone, Elite Simulation Solutions AG, Duebendorf, Switzerland on Phone +41 43 355 19 40, Email:

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