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ELITE chooses “AeroInside SafetyScan Pro” to improve aviation safety





AeroInside and ELITE have entered a new partnership – enabling a data driven approach that finds relevant and up-to-date accident and incident investigation reports in all fields of aviation – worldwide. These fields cover both fixed wing aircraft as well as rotorcraft. „By using these findings we can add crucial information to real world flying and simulator training sessions“, says Fabian Rahm, founder and owner of AeroInside, based in Switzerland. Both companies share the same goal: improvement of aviation safety through specific and targeted learning.

Entrepreneur Fabian Rahm had worked from 2009 to 2012 as a software developer at ELITE and has therefore a thorough knowledge of the flight simulation industry. He has maintained an amicable contact with the highly skilled ELITE team up to today which has resulted in this new partnership. Mr. Rahm is extremely happy about this „win-win situation. More information on his “AeroInside SafetyScan Pro” can be found on the website:

ELITE is constantly looking at ways how to innovate and add value to its products for the end customers. By working with the well-known data research company AeroInside, ELITE is now able to offer its customers access to a very vast and detailed aircraft accident and incident database.

Each new FNPT II customer is going to get a year’s free access to the “AeroInside SafetyScan Pro“. In other words, there will be two separate login accounts for the head of training and the head of safety. Thanks to an intensive brand-awareness cooperation, existing AeroInside customers are going to get to know all the products ELITE can offer from home user simulation equipment to EASA/FAA certified FNPTs FTDs/AATDs.

René Huddlestone, sales manager at ELITE Flight Simulation Solutions AG, is absolutely thrilled about this new partnership and says: „The access to AeroInside SafetyScan Pro will be helpful to our customers CFI’s in re-creating real world training scenarios. By utilizing our simulators and implementing the knowledge out of these accident reports, our exclusive customers will further enhance pilot situational awareness as well as safety concepts management.”

More information from Rene Huddlestone, Elite Simulation Solutions AG, Duebendorf, Switzerland on Phone +41 43 355 19 20, Email: and/or from Fabian Rahm, TinyVentures on Phone +41 44 5521 84 48, Email:








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