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As a result of constant development our team of engineers at ELITE has carefully developed a solution in these hard-pressed times. To protect yourself and your students from any potential airborne viruses and other particles while performing flight training ELITE presents as per October 2020 it’s very own „State of the Art Corona Filter“.

ELITE sales manager René Huddlestone is very pleased to announce this important piece of engineering art. “This innovative add-on will work for any simulator not just ELITE. In fact it could potentially also be installed on any other non-ELITE Simulator too – depending on space availability inside the cockpit Shell“, explains Mr René Huddlestone.

The “Corona Filter” can be installed by your technician on-site or alternatively you can have ELITE install it for you and combine this with a free simulator check.

The supplied HEPA filters certified for class H14 remove more than 99.995% of all fine suspended particles and can be used to filter viruses. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate arresting”. As the name suggests, these filters are very good at pulling particles out of the air and holding onto them so that they can’t be recirculated. The fibers in a HEPA filter are designed to trap particles as small as .01 micron in diameter which is just a tiny fraction of the width of human hair!

As we are processing the first orders we sincerely advise you to „book“ your add-on as soon as possible. ELITE is proud to be able to help battle the Covid-19 crisis with this latest „State of the Art Corona Filter“, says Sebastian Löbbert, CEO of ELITE.

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