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Elite Press Release – FTD Level 2 Simulator awarded by GFD


Zürich, 17.05.2022

ELITE Kite 35 FTD 2 / FNPT II MCC – based on the GFD operated Learjet 35

ELITE Simulation Solutions AG, based in Zürich/Switzerland, was awarded a contract from German GFD GmbH to develop, manufacture and integrate an ELITE Kite 35 Flight Training Device. The ELITE Kite 35 will achieve the FTD 2 certification regarding EASA CS-FSTD (A) Issue 2, and on top, achieve EASA CS-FSTD (A) Issue 2 FNPT II MCC certification.

The ELITE Kite 35 fully replicates the Bombardier Learjet 35 as it is operated by GFD GmbH from their MOB Hohn, close to Kiel in Germany. The FTD 2 is planned to enter into regular training operation in Hohn beginning 2023.

As an option, GFD GmbH plans to upgrade their Kite 35 training device to FTD B level according to the new EASA CS-FSTD (A) Issue 3 certification level. 

About GFD

GFD GmbH is a reliable and experienced service provider specialized in the fields of aviation and simulation. As a long-term partner, we provide cost-effective services for the German Armed Forces using state-of-the art technology.

The large number of experienced former military pilots enable GFD to deliver training solutions tailored to the needs of its clients on a day-to-day basis for the optimal completion of their missions.

In GFD’s Aviation Division with its fleet of 15 specially equipped Learjet’s 35A/36A, GFD provide JTAC training, live Eloka (electronic warfare) training, target simulation with or without towed targets, fighter control training, Red Air presentation and naval ship attack profiles throughout the world.


ELITE Simulation Solutions AG is a global provider of IFR training software, flight controls and flight training devices. ELITE builds and supports EASA, FAA, CASA, ANAC and DGCA certified flight training devices and offer customer-specific developments to both private and government entities. Our hallmark is quality and our creed is excellent customer service. Elite offices are located in Zürich, Switzerland and Orlando, Florida USA.

Press contact: 

ELITE Kite 35 FTD 2 Simulator construction for GFD underway, Zürich, Switzerland.

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