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ELITE Simulation Solutions and ProSim Training Solutions agree on a new A320 type representative FNPT II MCC partnership



Zurich, Switzerland

ELITE Simulation Solutions and ProSim Training Solutions agree on a new A320 type representative FNPT II MCC partnership

A powerful collaboration has been established between the two key players in the flight simulator world. ELITE, as a world class simulator manufacturer and ProSim with its unmatched software technology have decided to become partners on the A320 type representative simulation device FNPT II MCC based “on the best of both worlds”, as ELITE Marketing & Sales Director René Huddlestone explains.

“These are good times for Airlines, ATO’s, flight schools and universities, as well as simulator centers, because this combined product of ELITE and ProSim is now the most sophisticated A320 type representative simulation device on the market. As a “combo” from both companies, this will be THE reference point for A320 FNPT II and FTD customers world-wide.”

Hanne Koole, CEO of ProSim Solutions, says: “We are excited to work with ELITE to provide Swiss Quality Simulators equipped with ProSim software to the flight school market, in which they are one of the global leaders. Moreover, by supplying jet airliner simulators, this will provide an opportunity also for ATOs and airlines to benefit from ELITE’s portfolio of products for more efficient pilot training.”

Both companies are extremely proud to have already sold their first two “combined” FNPT II MCC devices to customers in Germany and Greece which are being installed at this very moment.

ProSim Training Solutions, established in 2011, has become recognized as a market leader with more than 300 professional simulator installations worldwide. Their software product ProSim322 stands out for its sophisticated Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) implementation.

ELITE custom-builds its A320-based FNPT II MCC as a full replica of the actual A320 Flight Deck environment, and its functionalities include many original parts for the key components, as for example the OEM side sticks, pilot seats, etc…

The new agreement with ProSim will allow ELITE to use the ProSim software for its future A320-type representative simulation devices and is another milestone in securing its continuous success story in the world of flight simulators.

More information from Rene Huddlestone, Elite Simulation Solutions AG, Duebendorf, Switzerland on Telephone +41 43 355 19 20, Email: of from Hanne Koole +31 (0)6 24 66 77 93 or

Elite & ProSim-TS teams at EATS 2022 in Berlin
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