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ELITE recommended pilot path: Why beginner pilots benefit from ELITE simulation training?

In a World that benefits from practical experience, when it comes to air safety, time spent training in uncomfortable situations is the only way to step up from novice level into being taken seriously up in the air. Within the safety net of a simulator, students have the ability to prepare for the conditions of a flight; the view, the motion, and the controls, making for a risk-free environment in which a beginner pilot can learn, and excel. Through mimicking the ‘real life flight’ feeling, we eradicate risk and we create financially viable options for our next generation of flight leaders! The benefits of incorporating flight simulation training into your early stage development is for us a no-brainer. Here’s why:


Novices who learn to fly in a simulator are granted the opportunity to learn standard aviation procedures in a safe environment. Simulators give students the chance to learn and experiment with aircraft controls and flight methods from the safety of being on the ground. There are numerous steps to learn the various flight maneuvers needed to take the next steps in your flying career. We propose-limit the risk and perfect the basics first. Doing that on the ground alleviates many risks (including costs!) and develops the confidence needed to man an aircraft.

No light and weather limits

Budding pilots are restricted to the kinds of weather in which they can fly. The simulator is designed to be able to recreate any type of weather condition and any kind of terrain, giving back that option of all-terrain experience. Imagine being able to clock in time across the board and learn the necessary techniques for mastering any condition from the comfort of your home or training school. Come rain, wind, ice, or snow, these are all risks most pilots will face at some point


Managing emergencies

Flight simulators help students gain confidence. Confidence is gained through experience and simulators allow for consistency in practicing scenarios needing troubleshooting. Confidence is also key to handling tight-pressure moments and through our machinery, we aim to create confident flyers who mean business. Plenty of the risks that can occur in an aircraft can also be easily recreated in a safe environment of a flight simulator. Risk-management is and will remain a key quality required by all top pilots!

Muscle memory development

Beginner pilots who are struggling with certain maneuvers can spend extra time refining their skills in a simulator. This means that they can develop the muscle memory and finely tuned motor skills needed to undertake certain motions at their own pace. Practicing one’s fast decision-making together with applied aviation knowledge is the combination needed for the instinct we are looking to install in all of our users.

Reduced Cost

Flight simulator training allows students to learn at their own pace, and at a more financially viable rate than in air flying straight off the bat.  Although they are still on the ground, students can rehearse speaking to air traffic control, communicating with other pilots, and practice the order of operations of starting their flight. Once confidence has been gained, in air training can commence and can complement simulator training. It is important to remember that simulator training is used by top pilots, too and financial affordability is key to balancing out the playing field for all future flyers.

Our own Quality Software & Simulators

Regarding the products for beginner pilots, ELITE has a wide range of options,  from a PI-135 (for analogue) or PI-1000 (for glass cockpit), and a TH-50 for helicopters (this one isn’t certified, while the bigger brother TH-100 is). Moreover DA42 FNPT II is excellent and is widely used in schools and ideal stepping stone for getting used to the Garmin 1000. S311 generic device is perfect for learning procedures, flying in degraded weather conditions, and a very cost-effective operation for the school, resulting in friendly costs for students.

Elite offers 30 years of expertise,simulator quality and technology in helping students reach their goals, tailored and personalized to their individual needs. Through our client’s schools, training facilities and programmes, we are proud to be working towards maintaining and advancing the global aviation systems for safe travel to continue into the future.

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