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ELITE Simulation Solutions delivers its first A320 FSTD to Chile!

World-renowned Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) provider ELITE Simulation Solutions is proud to announce it is working with aeronautical training center Fly With Us to deliver the first-ever ELITE A320 simulator to Chile. This revolutionary device will provide students with an authentic, realistic cockpit environment to train and learn in.

Chile’s Fly With Us is an accredited civil aeronautical training center and flight training services provider, with the highly experienced instructors enjoying over three decades of flight experience across Chile, the USA, Peru, and Argentina. As one of the most respected institutions in the country, the school has helped train countless commercial and private pilots through its wide range of courses.

It is its comprehensive Airbus A320 Commercial Pilot course that has established Fly With Us as one of the leading educational facilities in Chile. ELITE Simulation Solutions is proud to be helping the school take that further by providing them with a A320 FSTD, the first time the brand has supplied this type of simulator to Chile.

As one of the most advanced flight simulators in ELITE’s expansive range, the state-of-the-art device provides a truly authentic A320 cockpit experience. The device comes with high-fidelity instrumentation and realistic controls, creating an exceptional training facility for both novice and experienced pilots alike.  

ELITE’s A320 FTSD incorporates dynamic visuals designed to add further realism to training sessions, creating an immersive environment for developing and honing piloting skills. The simulator is also EASA, FAA level 6, and AATD certified.

Training facilities and aviation enthusiasts looking to learn more about ELITE and its range of advanced flight simulators are invited to meet the team this week at the AERO Friedrichshafen show. The ELITE team is in attendance throughout the event and can be found in Hall A5, Booth 215.

Pablo Wolff, CEO of Fly With You, said, “We have been training pilots for the A320 for over two decades, and this new simulator is going to allow students to practice on the efficient and advanced device possible. My experience with ELITE actually goes back over 40 years when I did my own IFR training on one of their devices so I know first-hand the quality and realism that these simulators provide so I’m sure our students will enjoy training on them.” 

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