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ELITE’s FSTD are certified either under EASA, CASA, Indian DGCA, South African CAA, New Zealand CAA and Brazil ANAC regulations as well as in other countries worldwide. For ELITE, certification of FSTD’s is a top priority. Please view the individual ELITE evolution products for detailed information on which evolution products meet which regulations.

Due to extensive experience ELITE has built an excellent track record and relationship with certifying authorities worldwide, especially within EASA member countries.

It is ELITE’s goal to guide customers through the whole certification process until final certification, by providing them with assistance and know-how on regulatory issues.

ELITE has developed an automatic Qualification Test Guide (QTG) analyzer tool that provides customers and certifying authorities with a comprehensive yet simple-to-maintain tool for annual re-evaluations.

Our specialist QTG team will ensure that all QTG test runs are performed in accordance with regulatory standards and that know-how transfer to customers is fully warranted to enable users to independently accomplish annual re-evaluations, if they wish to do so.

Certified Systems