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Put ELITE in charge of your FTD device development.

Why ELITE For My FTD ?

Listen to Peter Pirchl, Chairman of the Board and special project manager explain how ELITE goes about producing FTD devices for companies like Pilatus Aircraft of Airbus subsidiary GFD. Read more here: ELITE FTDs

In-house design, software & hardware teams.

ELITE manufactures hardware, but is also capable of interfacing OEM components to bring our devices to the highest level of realism and meet the EASA FTD2 requirements. In addition to the hardware environment, ELITE has developed since 1987 its own core software, giving us full control on flight models, systems, failures and future upgrades to meet any upcoming certification requirements. Being capable of developing complex FMS systems, intricate circuit breaker systems, higly realistic hydraulic & electrical systems and real life reactions in the cockpit, ELITE has secured its position as a market leader in developing virtually any kind of aircraft type.

Aircraft Manufacturers & ELITE

In part II of the interview, see how our close relationship with aircraft & OEM component manufacturers allows us to offer our customers the best solutions, undefeated cost effectiveness and aircraft like training devices.

René Huddlestone

Sales Director

Christopher Réville

Chief Commercial Officer