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The inception of the new ELITE iOS

Discover how the development process was driven, involving over 40 different industry experts.

Choose what you need to see.

Don’t miss any of the action. Customize your screen setup. Add the menus you want, to keep everything in sight, and be ready to mark events, trigger failures, reposition… to make the most of every single training session.

Use it the way you like it.

Connect simultaneously from the instructor position, tablet and or phone, wirelessly. Be fully part of the training session, from the instructor or the copilot seat.

Ready. Set. Trigger.

Have complete oversight of all active, programmed and ready to trigger failures. Trigger them conditionally, as groups, or individually, and immediately restore the aircraft once you are done.

LSZH 120525Z 1206/1312 02005KT 4000 BR OVC006 TXM00/1214Z TNM04/1206Z TNM05/1301Z BECMG 1208/1210 6000 BECMG 1211/1214 SCT010 PROB40 1214/1222 CAVOK BECMG 1216/1218 VRB02KT BECMG 1222/1301 4000 BR BKN007 PROB40 1301/1308 OVC004 BECMG 1310/1312 6000 NSW BKN010

Intuitively add or remove weather conditions, visibility, use presets and see your aircraft live in the menu, to adjust cloud base altitudes or visibility to exactly what you need.

Want to see a live demo? Reach out to our sales team and let us show you how easy it is to navigate and use !

René Huddlestone

Sales Director

Christopher Réville

Chief Commercial Officer