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ELITE’s Ascendancy: Leveraging FTDs to Dominate the Global Flight Simulator Market

ELITE, with over 30 years of experience and in-house hardware and software teams, has established itself as a key player in the flight training device (FTD) industry. Focusing on custom-built FTDs, full-size flight training devices with grounded bases, ELITE has successfully met the specific requirements of customers, especially in providing realistic flight experiences for Pilatus Aircraft.

The aviation industry’s trend towards custom-built FTDs reflects the desire to enhance the training environment with original cockpit experiences. ELITE’s FTDs have been praised by pilots for providing a genuine feel, akin to “stepping into the real thing.” Notably, the purchase and operating costs of ELITE’s FTDs are considerably more economical compared to full flight simulators, offering a cost-effective solution for training organizations and flight operators.

With a robust Systems Engineering competence in flight simulation, ELITE ensures that each project, including those tailored for Pilatus Aircraft, undergoes meticulous phases and milestones. The engineering team, with a wealth of knowledge and ties to renowned institutions like Zurich ETH, is well-equipped to meet even the highest expectations. ELITE guarantees aviation authority certifications, including EASA, FAA, or other local legislation, showcasing a commitment to regulatory compliance.

The Pilatus PC 9M FSTD, a detailed replica manufactured by ELITE, stands out as a prime example. Meeting EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2 certification requirements, this simulator, used by the Irish Air Corps, is an integral part of a ground-based training system delivered as part of a contract from the Irish Ministry for Defense for eight PC 9M advanced turbine training aircraft.

ELITE’s dedication to tailor-made solutions is further exemplified by their ongoing projects, such as the Learjet FTD for GFD GmbH. Despite the recent EASA regulation changes, which elevate the role of FTDs in aviation training, ELITE remains at the forefront, securing new orders that underscore its excellence in high-tech engineering.

The recent prestigious order from a Scandinavian flight training operator attests to ELITE’s prowess. This FTD project involves a dual control seat Flight Simulation Training Device replicating an Airbus H135 helicopter, emphasizing ELITE’s ability to create customized solutions. While ELITE’s achievements extend beyond Pilatus, its continued success is a testament to the inventive and reliable services it provides in the FTD industry.




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