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Bring the ELITE to eVTOL.

eVTOL stands for Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft. They use electric propulsion for vertical takeoff and landing, as well as forward flight, offering potential solutions for urban congestion and providing environmentally friendly transportation options. ELITE is developing new capacities, providing solutions for universities, startups, research institutes, in this new fascinating world of eVTOL.

Collaborate to raise the bar.

ELITE is proud to collaborate with F.A.S.T.-Groups towards its all-new eVTOL Mixed-Reality Series X. It combines highest standards with latest technologies to provide a highly realistic flying experience for a unique price-performance. In order to ensure the highest flexibility, we designed our MR Series X to be mobile and easy to ship and install.

By using the all-new Mixed-Reality technology, pilot training will be improved in terms of safety, efficiency and time. In addition to the Mixed-Reality technology our simulator is fitted with a motion platform to increase realism. Due to its compact design, it is not only easy to ship but also easy to install and maintain. Roll-off/Roll-on capabilities ensure the interchangeability of a cockpit, increasing flexibility for our customers. Our simulators are up to the task.

Change, redesign, tweek.

We have the possibility to edit, modify and test your flight models, reposition hardware in a very short time. Everything to stick to your latest refinements and modifications. Don’t let the market go faster than you.

The heart of our eVTOL MR Series X is its Mixed-Reality technology in combination with our unique motion platform. Due to its compact design, it is not only easy to ship but also easy to install and maintain. 

The eVTOL MR Series X is not only ideal for initial VFR training but also especially for the familiarization with upcoming eVTOL aircrafts.

René Huddlestone

Sales Director

Christopher Réville

Chief Commercial Officer