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JetForTrip welcomes its brand-new Elite FNPT II MCC/MEP

JetForTrip is not only a renowned flight charter company that provides international private and freight flights, but also one of the most sought for approved flight training organisations (ATO) in the Czech republic. Founded in 2010, the flight operations moved to Mladá Boleslav airport near Prague, where the company is still based today. The impressive fleet of six planes is now matched with the ELITE S923 FNPT II MCC, featuring the simulation of both Piper Seneca III and Beechcraft King Air B200 aircraft types.

Mr Zdenek Sedlacek, CEO of JetForTrip, is very excited about the delivery & installation of the new flight simulator and says: “The FSTD is just the start of a long-term cooperation between JetForTrip and ELITE Simulation Solutions AG. From my point of view I’m extremely satisfied with the choice of this ELITE product!“

The primary achievement of JetForTrip by purchasing this state-of-the art device is to provide most effective flight training for less money, while still maintaining the highest level of quality. “I have no doubt that with this choice we now belong to the best flight schools in this country by owning our very own FSTD“, explains Sedlacek.

ELITE is represented in the Czech Republic by Martin Krouza who has a distinguished reputation of being customer focused and an expert in his field of work. “This business relationship with a dealer within our country has been of great importance to JetForTrip”, adds Sedlacek.

One of the several benefits of this purchase is the choice of having the Piper Seneca aircraft (beside the trusty King Air B-200). JetForTrip also uses this aircraft for students to gain their Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Now, JetForTrip has the ability to familiarize student pilots with a higher number of destinations where takeoff’s and landings require absolute precision & professionalism.

Finally, Sedlacek praises ELITE’s company philosophy by pointing out the “rich history” of successful flight simulator installations worldwide, custom-tailored offer and excellent contract conditions while offering the possibility of partial payment, money-back guarantee and a speedy delivery.

JetForTrip is now operating the flight simulator for PPL(A), CPL(A), IR, MEP, MEP/IR and MCC training. The student’s feedback is simply overwhelming: „This device makes our facility even more attractive for the daily training sessions“, says Sedlacek. „The students can practice every single procedure in a 100% safe environment and even save money this way! The GARMIN GTN 650 add-on is particularly very attractive for our students. Modern IFR training – that´s what ELITE is all about.”

The owner, CEO and staff of JetForTrip are extremely satisfied with the purchase of the ELITE S923 FNPT II MCC device. By investing in this competitive product, JetForTrip has secured its position in the flight training market. The company now is able to offer students a safe and cost-effective way of gaining their pilot’s license while following the IR training syllabus and professionalizing the right decision-making procedures.

About ELITE:

ELITE Simulation Solutions AG is a global provider of IFR training software, flight controls and flight training devices, with over 450 certified simulators sold worldwide since 1987. ELITE builds and supports EASA, FAA, CASA, ANAC and DGCA (among others) certified flight training devices and offers customer-specific developments to both private and government entities. Our hallmark is quality and our creed is excellent customer service. ELITE offices are located in Zürich, Switzerland and Orlando, Florida USA. Website:

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