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High demand for FTD’S and brand new Airbus A320 based flight simulator

Dübendorf (Zürich), June 1st, 2023 – Located across from the Swiss Air Force base near Zurich, a Swiss company has constantly been evolving flight simulators since the late 80ies. What started as a group of aviation and IT-enthusiasts has turned into a reliable and professional provider of both flight simulation soft- and hardware.

As from 2023, ELITE Flight Simulation Solutions Ltd has now expanded its know-how of design and technology into its latest field of products: FTD level simulators for different types of aircraft or helicopters, plus an Airbus A320 flight simulator. According to a spokesman of the company, three of the Airbus simulators have already been sold this year, one to Greece, another one to Germany and the latest one to the Czech Republic.

True to ELITE’s credo of supplying the best price value ratio since its inception in 1987, ELITE is selling their new high-quality devices at a higher pace than anyone else in the industry.

Each of the new devices required a certification process in order to enable credits towards flight hours. This certification is done in Europe by EASA under CS-FSTD A and qualifies the device as an “FNPT II MCC”. This means, the provider (in most cases an FTO or ATO) can go ahead with multi-crew training and many more advanced maneuvers, saving money on fuel and minimizing risks to zero. World-wide certification is also available through the regional authorities such as the FAA or the CAA.

Of particular interest are the FTD level simulators, which basically are full size replicas. Both purchase and operating costs of an FTD are much more cost effective than those of a full flight simulator. An example is the replica of an Airbus H-135 and Robinson R-44 helicopter or a Bombardier Learjet.


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