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Inflight pilot training chooses all-new Elite PI-235 AATD

Experienced pilot training school Inflight Pilot Training has selected the new ELITE Simulation Solutions PI-235 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). This innovative new desktop simulator has been specifically tailored for aspiring pilots and schools, offering a heightened level of realism and exceptional adaptability.    

Inflight Pilot Training has established itself as the leading pilot training company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul regions, helping individuals to achieve their dreams of becoming professional pilots. Its highly experienced team has over 30,000 combined flight hours and numerous master certifications, ensuring they are amongst one of the most sought-after instruction teams in America.

Renowned for its warm and friendly approach, the school will expand its training program further with the addition of the all-new ELITE PI-235 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). The new simulator has been engineered to meet the highest certification standard of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

To ensure the most realistic experience possible, PI-235 comes with a true-to-life training environment that accurately replicates a flight deck with authentic controls, instrumentation and panels. The simulator also includes a replica Garmin GTN750 GPS unit that provides realistic navigation procedures.

Further realism comes via dynamic control loading on the flight controls that help to provide tactile feedback to trainee pilots. A professional-grade control yoke further enhances the responsiveness of flight control inputs. A Lockheed Martin P3D Image Generator combined with a curved visual system ensures stunning and realistic graphics. 

For those attending AERO Friedrichshafen this week and would like to learn more about the new PI-235, they can speak with the ELITE team who can be found in Hall A5, Booth 215.

Trever Rossini, Chief Executive Officer at Inflight Pilot Training, said, “We were early adopters of the PI-135 model and have enjoyed our experience, putting in over 8,000 hours over the last decade without experiencing any issues, so we are thrilled by this new simulator.”  

We are currently in the midst of a complete facility remodel and will have a dedicated sim room to house our PI-235. We are really excited for the control loading feature and the ability for our customers to be able to log more hours towards their commercial training.

From the start, the Elite support has been world-class, and we can’t wait to continue the next ten years with their product!”

Rene Huddlestone, Director of Marketing & Sales at ELITE, said, “The team at Inflight has been fantastic to work with over the last decade, and we are incredibly honoured that they have chosen our latest simulator. The release coincided perfectly with their remodel, and we are looking forward to hearing their feedback and helping them take their school to the next level.”

More information from Rene Huddlestone, Elite Simulation Solutions AG, Duebendorf, Switzerland on Phone +41 43 355 19 20, Email:

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