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Italian Technical Institute invests in S311 G1000 Eco Flyer

Situated in the region of Calabria, Italy, the „Institute of Higher Education – IIS Augusto Righi“ was founded back in 1964 and named after the famous physicist Augusto Righi (1850 – 1920). He researched mainly the phenomena of electrostatics and electromagnetism. 


As part of their educational degree, the young students at „IIS A. Righi“ take part in several aeronautical courses which so far have been covered by very simplified simulator devices (mainly a gaming chair and a screen). With the brand-new S311 G1000 Eco Flyer, the „IIS A. Righi“ has now taken the right step into the future. „This is a huge benefit for the Institute and for our students“, as institute’s director Daniela Musarella told the local Italian press. The device is located in their newly built Aviation Laboratory.


Thanks to the curved visual screen and the dynamic control loading on the yoke the students are now in a position of coming much closer to real flying than before. The possibility of changing between SEP and MEP aircraft models adds even more extra value to the device. It’s main aircraft type at the „ISS A. Righi“ will be the Beechcraft Baron B58. 

René Huddlestone, sales manager at ELITE is pleased about sustaining the Italian Higher Educational market and says: „Obviously many Italian educators have now realized that only high quality products – such as our S311 G1000 Eco Flyer – can match the high expectations of today’s students.“ 

The S311 G1000 Eco Flyer comes with a touchscreen Instructor station, curved screen, pre-configured ELITE computers and free technical support plus two year warranty. It is an Approved Advanced Training Device (AATD).


More information from Rene Huddlestone, Elite Simulation Solutions AG, Duebendorf, Switzerland on Phone +41 43 355 19 20, Email:



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