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King Air B-200

The ELITE King Air iGATE is a technically advanced twin engine turbine aviation training device that accurately replicates the form, function, ergonomics and performance of the King Air B200 dual pilot dynamic control loaded flight controls and dedicated station instrumentation makes this trainer one of the best crew resource management or multi-crew coordinated devices available. Fully functioning side fuel and electrical panels with active circuit breakers, oxygen system with masks and pressurization are standard equipment. Fly with the choice of conventional HSI, EFIS or E500 PFD instrument displays, powered by Garmin GNS 430/530 or GTN 650/750. Wireless connectivity for the popular Foreflight EFB app, as well as other EFB applicaitons, is included. This advanced trainer is FAA approved for instrument, commercial and ATP flying credits. It is the quality, fidelity, and affordable price that gives the King Air iGATE the best benefit-to-cost ratio in it’s class.

THE iGATE ADVANTAGE fea­tures the lat­est dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy and crys­tal clear LCD dis­plays. These cutting-edge devices uti­lize pre­cisely mod­eled flight dynam­ics with no ana­log instru­ments to cal­i­brate, wear out, or break. Train with accu­rate cock­pit detail for max­i­mum train­ing trans­fer­ence from air­craft sys­tems and avion­ics to nav­i­ga­tion and flight pro­ce­dures. On a sin­gle trainer, train on advanced avion­ics such as HSIs, RMIs, flight direc­tors E500, EFIS and GPS. Sep­a­rate graph­i­cal instructor’s sta­tion with print (printer not included) and record capa­bil­ity, com­pre­hen­sive fail­ure modes & weather mod­el­ing. Great for flight schools, FBOs, col­lege flight labs and cor­po­rate flight depart­ments. Whether teaching students, pre-hire evaluations or just main­tain­ing pro­fi­ciency, the iGATE will give you max­i­mum return on your investment.

Simulator familiarization, VMC, IMC & emergency procedures, flight operations review checklists, start/shutdown procedures, flight profiles, cockpit flows, systems management, crew resource management, ground & air operations, normal take-off & departures, precision/non precision approaches & landing turns & situational awareness, LOFT, and RNP (WAAS) approaches are just the beginning use that the ELITE B-200 simulator can offer you.

Current Approval


  • 2.5 Hrs Private Pilot Rating
  • 20 Hrs Instrument Rating
  • 25 Hrs ATP Rating
  • 50 Hrs Commercial Rating
  • Recency Flight Experience
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)



  • Log 5 Hrs Basic training towards PPL
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL  (Integrated)
  • Log 20 Hrs Instrument training towards ATP  (Integrated)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (Modular)
  • Log 25 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-SE  (Modular)
  • Log 30 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-ME  (Modular)
  • Log 5 Hrs Experience towards FI
  • Log 5 Hrs Instructor training towards FI
  • Log 10 Hrs Instructor training towards IRI

System Include

  • Dual Flight Controls
  • Hard shell Cockpit
  • Overhead Panel
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot side panel
  • Visual System
  • Instructor Console
  • Active circuit breakers
  • Cockpit lighting
  • 3 Place intercom
  • Realistic center console with EFIS dual controls
  • iPad EFB mount

Optional Equipment

  • Control Loading (upgrade)
  • Garmin GTN GPS (650,750)
  • Garmin GNS GPS (430,530)
  • E500 AHRS PFD
  • Projection External display
  • LED external display
  • Instructor Cabin
  • iPad instructor station



  • Intuitive program interface
  • Precise aerodynamic flight modeling
  • High-resolution, accurately detailed instrument panel
  • Instructor Station
  • Accurately detailed runway environment and lighting
  • Combination pre-programmed weather, and malfunction “state” files

Avionics, Instrumentation and Hardware

  • Bendix/King Silver Crown avionics
  • Selectable HSI/EHSI (EFS40)
  • Autopilot/Flight Director
  • Altitude/Vertical speed pre-selector
  • Radar altimeter
  • Electric elevator pitch trim with manual trim and display
  • Aileron/Rudder trim
  • Toe brakes with proportional brakes


  • Advanced static and/or dynamic weather modeling.
  • Full control of wind, turbulence, visibility, clouds, temperature, pressure & icing.
  • Downloadable METAR reports and integrated real time weather.
  • Create and Save an Unlimited number of weather “state” files

Visual System/Navigation Data

  • World wide navigation database
  • Virtual world with 40 high-detail cities and more than 24,900 airports.
  • 1 meter mesh resolution display
  • AI traffic
  • Visual precipitation
  • Landing light interaction
  • Time season support
  • Road/airport environment traffic


  • Full instrument failures
  • Power plant failure and power loss
  • Avionics failure
  • GPS RAIM & antenna failures
  • Fast/Slow Cabin Pressurization loss
  • Individual instrument failure (pilot & co pilot panels)
  • Electrical failures (Generator, Battery, Inverter)
  • Receiver failure (com/nav, dme, adf, xponder)
  • Landing gear failure with manual gear extension
  • Flap failure
  • Engine fire
  • Chip detection warning
  • Engine hot/hung start failures
  • Aux system failures (oil press, oil temp)
  • Elevator trim runaway failure
  • Elevator/Aileron heavy control activation
  • Static port freeze
  • Pitot inlet freeze
  • Pitot system freeze

E-500 AHARS Malfunctions

Computer Failure:

  • Airdata Computer
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed

AHRS Failure:

  • AHRS System
  • Pitch/Roll
  • Pitch/Roll Offset
  • Slip Rate
  • Turn Rate
  • Magnetic Heading

Standby Failures

  • Standby Attitude Indicator Freeze
  • Pitch/Roll Offset
  • Standby Altitude Indicator
  • Standby speed indicator

Hardware Controls

  • Dual Beechcraft style yokes (with elevator trim, PTT & CWS)
  • Realistic throttle quadrant (Power levers with TOGA/Prop/condition controls)
  • Center console
  • Elevator trim wheel (with indication)
  • Aileron/Rudder trim controls
  • Fully functional overhead panel with voltmeters and dimmers
  • Pressurization controls
  • Pilot Fuel side panel
  • Co-Pilot circuit panel
  • EFIS Pilot & Co Pilot controls
  • Start/Electrical/Heat/Light/Bleed Air switches
  • Wet compass (with lead & lag)
  • Removable instrument masks (EFS 40 + standard HSI)
  • Oxygen Masks mic equipped
  • Smoke generator
  • Manual landing gear extension with valve control
  • Yaw damper
  • Rudder boost
  • Elevator trim controls
  • Cabin pressure dump valve
  • Audio panel with marker beacons
  • Autopilot controls with (Pilot/Co-Pilot) command switching
  • Fire suppression equipment

Active Circuit breakers (27 individual breakers)

  • Firewall valve (L/H & R/H)
  • Standby pump
  • Aux transfer (L/H & R/H)
  • Quantity indicator (L/H & R/H)
  • Pressure warning (L/H & R/H)
  • Quantity indicator (L/H & R/H)
  • Pitch trim
  • Bleed air control (L/H & R/H)
  • Landing gear motor
  • Landing gear lights
  • Stall warning
  • Pitot heat
  • Fire detection/Suppression
  • Com/Nav1
  • Com/Nav2
  • ADF/DME/Transponder
  • Autopilot
  • Generator control (L/H & R/H)
  • Flaps motor
  • Prop deice control

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King Air B-200
Executive Flight Training

Executive Flight Training

King Air B-200
I am a former procedure trainer pilot at UNPAC, using the Elite G-602 (King Air 200) for more than 10 years and it has been the best tool we found to help our pilots to practice and keep their IFR proficiency, even making joint ventures with national airlines for screening purposes. Elite has a outstanding support and coaching for the products they offer, keeping the simulations toward at the forefront!
Thanks Elite Simulations!
Capt. A. RodriguezUNPAC
The Elite Simulator Solutions iGATE 500/600 series AATD is a solid platform for the King Air training needs.  We utilize four (4) B 200 for Recurrent & Initial Training and it is representative for use on the King Air 90s, 100s and 300/350 as well.  We have found over the past 12 years this product is highly dependable, near zero dollars for maintenance and a very user friendly training device.  We routinely receive positive feedback from clients as to the quality of our equipment along with our instructors.
Stephen Cunningham, CFI-CFIINational Flight Simulator, LLC