ELITE Visual Upgrade

Com­mu­ni­cate with real, live air traf­fic con­trollers in a sim­u­lated envi­ron­ment to enhance your train­ing expe­ri­ence like never before!

File VFR or IFR flight plans, and fly them from start to finish.  Deal with traf­fic, dis­tract­ing chat­ter and com­pli­cated or unex­pected clearances.

Learn the cor­rect com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­ce­dures, vocab­u­lary, and phrase­ol­ogy to effec­tively and pro­fes­sion­ally com­mu­ni­cate with ATC.

The con­trollers will ensure you fol­low the proper air­port pro­ce­dures start­ing on the ground at some of the nation’s busiest and biggest air­ports, such as Los Ange­les Inter­na­tional Air­port and in the air ensur­ing you stay on proper head­ing and alti­tude for instance. Also enabled with this pro­gram is the abil­ity for flight sim­u­la­tor pilots to see other air­craft traf­fic in the net­work on their exter­nal visual screen as they taxi around crowded air­ports or sim­ply nav­i­gate VFR through air­space prac­tic­ing the impor­tance of see­ing and avoid­ing other air­craft. The added train­ing value for pilots of all skill lev­els is an impor­tant com­po­nent in sim­u­la­tor based train­ing, which ELITE is proud to support.


    • ELITE Enhanced Visual System (EVS)
    • Subscription to ATC service
    • Network Connection

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