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New EHFCU Helicopter flight controls motion platform unveiled on CZECH TV CT24

ELITE has further developed it’s EHFCU (Elite Helicopter Flight Control Unit) to incorporate a motion platform. This newly developed device is used to teach students basic and advanced flight principles.

The precise motion actuators are adjustable and therefore can be adapted to any helicopter model, encompassing the physics of each model individually. Combined with modern VR-Technology the immersion factor of course is extraordinary.

Supported by ELITE’s renown high precision pedals, collective and cyclic, the pilot is completely immersed in the visual scenery and simulator in general. The use of this new simulator platform further maximizes the benefits for the students and contributes to further increasing all flight safety aspects.

This new device will become available commercially within the next weeks and the first unit is now already in service at Blue Sky Aviation S.R.O in the Czech Republic.

The new EFHCU Motion platform has recently been featured on Czech TV station CZECH TV CT24.

You can view the video coverage from CZECH TV CT24 directly here:

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