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New portfolio and extending reseller network


ELITE Simulation Solutions Unveils Revamped Product Line and Expands Production Capabilities, Seeks to Strengthen Global Reseller Network

ZÜRICH, 08/06/2023 — ELITE Simulation Solutions, a leading provider of cutting-edge flight simulation solutions, is thrilled to announce a major revamp of its product line and an expansion of its production capabilities. As part of its growth strategy, ELITE is actively seeking to reinforce its reseller network worldwide.

ELITE Simulation Solutions has been at the forefront of the flight simulation industry for over three decades, consistently delivering innovative and high-quality training devices to aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the overall flight training experience, ELITE has embarked on an ambitious plan to revolutionize its product offerings.


The revamped product line showcases ELITE’s dedication to providing realistic and immersive training environments. Designed with the latest advancements in simulation technology, the upgraded devices offer unprecedented levels of fidelity, ensuring that pilots receive the most authentic training experience possible. From entry-level trainers to advanced EASA FSTD FTD Level 2 training devices, ELITE Simulation Solutions has a comprehensive range of products to cater to every training requirement.

In tandem with the product revamp, ELITE has invested significantly in expanding its production capabilities. By incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and leveraging the expertise of its dedicated team, ELITE aims to streamline its production processes and meet the growing demand for its simulation solutions worldwide. The expanded production capabilities will enable ELITE to deliver orders more efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality.



To further strengthen its presence in global markets, ELITE Simulation Solutions is actively seeking partnerships with resellers who share its commitment to excellence in flight training. ELITE’s reseller network plays a vital role in reaching customers in various regions and providing localized support and services. Interested resellers will benefit from a comprehensive training program, marketing support, and access to ELITE’s unparalleled portfolio of flight simulation products.

“ELITE Simulation Solutions has always been dedicated to advancing the field of flight simulation, and our new product line is a testament to our commitment to innovation,” said Sebastian Loebbert, CEO of ELITE Simulation Solutions. “We are excited about the expansion of our production capabilities, which will allow us to meet the increasing demand for our products effectively. We are also eager to strengthen our reseller network, collaborating with partners who share our passion for delivering the highest quality flight training solutions worldwide.”

ELITE Simulation Solutions encourages interested resellers to get in touch to explore partnership opportunities and learn more about the benefits of joining the existing global network of ELITE resellers.



About ELITE Simulation Solutions:
ELITE Simulation Solutions AG is a global provider of IFR training software, flight controls and flight training devices, with over 450 certified simulators sold worldwide since 1987. ELITE builds and supports EASA, FAA, CASA, ANAC and DGCA (among others) certified flight training devices and offers customer-specific developments to both private and government entities. Our hallmark is quality and our creed is excellent customer service. ELITE offices are located in Zürich, Switzerland and Orlando, Florida USA. Website:

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