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PI-1000 Professional Advanced ATD (Aviation Training Device)

Build­ing on the suc­cess of ELITE’s “round-gauge”  PI-135 Basic ATD, the PI-1000 pro­vides incred­i­ble train­ing fidelity for Garmin G1000 users.  This FAA-approved AATD uses LCD screens and real­is­tic bezels to pro­vide the best sim­u­lated G1000 pan­els avail­able on the mar­ket!  A key fea­ture is the abil­ity to per­form WAAS approaches, and it sim­u­lates the Garmin GFC 700 autopi­lot.   The PI-1000 also includes the required back-up instru­men­ta­tion for real­is­tic train­ing.  Using the Lock­heed Mar­tin® Prepar3D™ visual, you’ll be fly­ing the PI-1000 in one of the most beau­ti­ful scenery soft­ware avail­able.  This is a com­mer­cially licensed visual—so you know you won’t be vio­lat­ing any laws while train­ing. Like the G1000, this sys­tem pro­vides train­ing for sim­ple and com­plex air­craft, and single-engine and twin engine air­craft!  The sim­u­lated G1000 soft­ware changes ref­er­ence speeds, engine/propeller instru­men­ta­tion, and fuel man­age­ment depend­ing on the air­craft selected.

The PI-1000 is an FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with a ver­sa­tile air­craft platform—singles and a twin, sim­ple and com­plex air­craft can all be flown.

Aircraft Models (all included):

  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 172S
  • Cessna 182T
  • Cessna T182T
  • Cessna 206
  • Cessna T206
  • Diamond DA40
  • Diamond DA42
  • Beechcraft Baron G58

The PI-1000 Professional Includes:

  • ELITE Pro Panel II Flight Console
  • G1000 hardware components, MFD, PFD & Standby Instrument Monitor
  • ELITE Rudder Pedals
  • Complete ELITE Pilot Deck
    • Sturdy Platform Base
    • Adjustable Seat and Stainless Steel Seat Base
    • Custom Height Flight Simulation Table with Built in Computer Shelf
    • Angled wrap-around style 3-screen monitor mount and stand designed to fit directly onto the custom desk
    • 3 – 32″ 1080p LED monitors
  • Two pre-configured ELITE computers to power visual system and G1000 avionics/instructor station
  • Enhanced Visual System
  • Instructor station
  • Technical support and warranty from ELITE


What Peo­ple Are Saying?

Bet­ter than the Air­plane

There are so many things that we can’t do in the air­plane that we can do a great job of in the simulator.”

Chuck Pad­gett, CFII Lanier Flight Center


PI-1000 Professional Additional Options

  • Intercom Kit
  • Control Loaded Yoke
  • Motion Kit


This proven, high fidelity G1000 sim­u­la­tion soft­ware pro­vides about 85% of real G1000 functionality—far and away more than lesser sim­u­la­tions.  Here are some of the fea­tures that sep­a­rate the PI-1000 from its competitors:

  1. Updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database
  2. Obstacle icons, terrain, airways, and waypoints on the map page
  3. VNAV and VPTH waypoint navigation
  4. Departure and arrival procedures
  5. LPV WAAS Approaches fully coupled with the Automated Flight Control System
  6. Missed approach procedures
  7. Coupled holds and procedure turns

Features are continuously added for even more functionality.

A comprehensive description of the G1000 functions can be found here: PI-1000 AATD Features

Customer Installations
Orlando Flight School
Centro Aeronautico PAC
Mercer Community College
Polk County Sheriff
Embry Riddle Lab
Dominican Air Force
ELITE Sim Center
ASU PI-1000
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