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Basic ATD Upgrade to ELITE XTS Pro Pre-Order

Basic ATD Upgrade to XTS Pro Pre-Order

Please complete the information on this page to place a Pre-Order for ELITE XTS Basic ATD Software.

*NOTE: You’ll need to verify your WIBU key serial number before completing the form. To check your WIBU key serial number follow the steps at the following link: How to Verify WIBU Key Serial Number

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    Current Software Version (this will be verified by ELITE): BATD v8.1 or lowerBATD v8.5BATD v8.6PremiumCoreUnsure

    Current WIBU Key Serial Number:
    Are you the original owner of the BATD (purchased directly from ELITE U.S.)? YesNo
    Do you have a 22"-24" widescreen monitor to display XTS Pro Instrument Panel? (ELITE recommends a 22"-24" Touchscreen monitor for use with the E500 AHRS Display)
    Instrument Monitor YesNo, but I acknowledge I will need to purchase oneUnsure, but I acknowledge one is required
    Do you plan to purchase the additional GTN 650/750 Add-on when it becomes available? (Touchscreen monitor required) YesNoUndecided
    Do you currently have an Enhanced Visual System with external visuals? YesNoUnsureNo, but I'm interested in the EVS
    Have you purchased a GNS 430 Navigation Database Update in the past? (If you have not, your GNS 430 database will be dated 2011) YesNoUnsure
    Flight Console Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Pedals Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Radio/Avionics Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Do you have an ELITE GNS 430 Hardware Module? YesNo

    What is your primary use for the BATD (private, instrument, currency etc)?


    Tell us about your organization, how many students, number of aircraft, type of aircraft, private use, flying club etc.

    Would you like to receive information on any of the following upgrades and enhancements to the PI-135? GPS nav database updateEnhanced Visual System (EVS)New ELITE computer (no EVS)Complete Pilot Deck with EVS Conversion to PI-135 ProfessionalPilot deck modular components including XTS HoodGTN 650/750 GPS Add-on for XTS ProPI-135 Conversion to G1000/PI-1000

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    After verifying the information above, ELITE will contact you with a quote and to gather payment information when XTS is approved and ready to distribute. Thank you!