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Standard Pilot Deck


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Accu­rate ergonom­ics, espe­cially the cor­rect posi­tion cor­re­la­tion between yoke, ped­als and the pilot is impor­tant when fly­ing real air­craft and just as impor­tant when fly­ing a sim­u­la­tor or avi­a­tion train­ing device.  In the com­fort of your home or school, you can enhance your train­ing expe­ri­ence with the brand new ELITE Pilot Deck.

Stan­dard ELITE Pilot Deck Includes:
Sturdy Plat­form Base
Adjustable Seat and Stain­less Steel Seat Base
Cus­tom Height Flight Sim­u­la­tion Table with Built in Com­puter Shelf

Per­fect enhance­ment for your exist­ing sim­u­la­tor
Specif­i­cally designed to fit ELITE Pro Panel Flight Con­soles and PI-135 or PI-1000 ATDs
Mod­u­lar add-ons allow you to upgrade in stages

Addi­tional Related Prod­ucts:
iPad Ram Mount Attach­ment
Garmin 676 Ram Mount Attach­ment
Enhanced Visual Sys­tem
PI-135 FAA Approved BATD
PI-1000 FAA Approved AATD
ELITE Pro Panel Flight Consoles

NOTE: Prod­uct images show var­i­ous con­fig­u­ra­tions of the ELITE Pilot Deck. Please ensure you make the appro­pri­ate selec­tion before check­ing out based on the prod­uct descrip­tion.
ELITE Pilot Deck does not include rud­der ped­als, flight con­sole (yoke/throttle quad­rant), avion­ics stack, instru­ment mon­i­tor, PI-135 com­po­nents or PI-1000.  Items are avail­able as add-ons or com­plete FAA approved sys­tems. Ship­ping costs vary and will be cal­cu­lated at checkout.

Additional information

Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 40 × 42 in

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