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Basic ATD v8.6


  • This software is NOT FAA Approved.
  • This software requires WIBU Key serialized to 63000.


Downloadable ELITE Basic ATD Software 8.6.

Features include:
Photorealistic cockpits with complete functional detail,
moving map,
emergency training,
advanced weather modelling.

ELITE Pilot v8.6 gives excellent value for money providing all the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art flight simulator.

ELITE v8.6 is the most advanced IFR simulator available for the personal computer.

All ELITE products are based on the same core software, so you are assured a class-leading performance whatever level of simulation you need.

ELITE has the necessary detail to provide a superior training experience – on the desktop models all switches, knobs, buttons and levers are fully functional and each aircraft cockpit panel is photo-realistic. All avionics and associated instrumentation, including the GPS, function exactly as their real-world counterparts.

v8.6 retains all the essential features of ELITE flight simulator:

• GenView Visual Database – integrated visuals covering Europe and the US
• Apollo GX series GPS
• Fuel Imbalance – Asymmetric fuel loading will adversely affect flight characteristics
• Structural Icing – Learn to increase your awareness of indications symptomatic of icing
• 3D Sound – Enhanced audio with smart sound location for flap, gear and engine sounds
• Dual monitor capable
• Bendix/King Silver Crown Plus™ radio stack.
• New instrument INOP feature – allows you to place a virtual instrument cover on a selected instrument or instruments.
• Weather view – see the current weather conditions at the aircraft present position AND important flight data on the ELITE MAP Page at the same time.


*This software requires WIBU Key 63000