ELITE Pilot XTS Software upgrade (non-commercial use)

$ 179.00

ELITE Pilot XTS Min­i­mum Sys­tem Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • 2.0 GHz (or faster) Intel or AMD Processor
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 5 GB of available hard disk space
  • 512 MB or better NVIDIA-brand OpenGL accelerated graphics card (Two Port or more Video Card for Multiple monitors option–Instrument Panel monitor & Instructor station monitor, external visual, map page)
  • At least one free USB port for connecting USB hardware; a USB hub may be required to connect multiple USB devices
  • Keyboard/Mouse or similar pointing device

ELITE does NOT guar­an­tee com­pat­i­bil­ity with every com­puter sys­tem, even if spec­i­fi­ca­tions are fol­lowed.

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Upgrade for existing customers who own ELITE Pilot Version 8 or higher

ELITE XTS has arrived!

ELITE XTS is the brand new feature packed version of ELITE’s home software line, a program designed to help pilots train the way they fly. XTS offers a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft, 4k instrument panel resolution in widescreen format, a variety of GPS options, AHRS style avionics displays, night instrument panels, ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, and other compatible EFB connectivity and much more. XTS also has software add-ons such as instrument approach scenarios, Sim-to-App, and IPM module for handheld GPS connectivity.

What’s Included in ELITE XTS?

  • One GenView area based on customer delivery address
  • New AHRS (E500) style avionics options available on every aircraft
  • E430W and E530W GPS (E650 and E750 GPS sold separately)
  • 1080P & 4K (16-9) instrument panel resolution in widescreen format
  • Night instrument panels (with dimming)
  • SimControl remote instructor station compatibility (iPad App) (Genview Only)
  • Ability to control on-screen GPS with no additional hardware module (must use mouse)
  • New dynamic weather settings and instructor station functions
  • Option of having Genview external visual on separate monitor
  • Option for Instructor station + Weather/Failures on two separate live monitors
  • Wi-fi EFB connectivity for ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, SkyDemon and other compatible apps
  • Instrument Approach Scenarios add-on program included
  • Quick time presets
  • Integrated weather pages
  • Redesigned game controller screen
  • Control loading support for ELITE Pro Panel III flight console
  • EFS40/EADI 40 external hardware support
  • 8.33 kHZ Com spacing
  • Multi Sound device selector
  • Windows 10 Speech generator support
  • Supports use of more than two HID controllers (game controllers) at the same time
  • Supports Honeycomb Yoke, Logitech Flight Yoke System Professional and CHProducts range HID compliant game controllers
  • Ability to display and scale GPS units on a separate screen

Which aircraft are included in ELITE XTS?

  • Archer III (17 panel configurations)
  • Arrow IV (17 panel configurations)
  • Baron 58 (13 panel configurations)
  • Bonanza A36 (13 panel configurations)
  • Cessna 172R (17 panel configurations)
  • Cessna 172S (17 panel configurations)
  • Cessna 182S (17 panel configurations)
  • King Air B200 (13 panel configurations)
  • Money M20J (13 panel configurations)
  • Seneca III (13 panel configurations)

To see the complete screen shot list visit: https://flyelite.com/xts-elite-aircraft

How many variations per airplane are included?

  • Steam Gauge without GPS
  • Steam Gauge with E430W or E530W GPS
  • E-500 AHARS with E430W or E530W GPS
  • EADI 40 with no GPS (High Performance aircraft)
  • EADI 40 with E430W or E530W GPS (High Performance aircraft)
  • EADI 40 with E650 or E750 GPS (add-on required)(High Performance aircraft)
  • EFS40 without GPS (High Performance aircraft)
  • EFS40 with E430W or E530W GPS (High Performance aircraft)
  • EFS40 with E650 or E750 GPS (add-on required)(High Performance aircraft)
  • Steam Gauge with E650 or E750 GPS (add-on required)
  • E-500 AHARS with E650 or E750 GPS (add-on required)

Interested in adding the E650 and E750 GPS to your ELITE software? Learn more here.

Wi-fi EFB connectivity

ELITE’s soft­ware enables users of ELITE train­ing soft­ware to con­nect the soft­ware to cer­tain iPad flight apps—allowing pilots to bring real-world cock­pit prac­tices into the sim­u­lated flight envi­ron­ment.With this soft­ware and a local WiFi net­work router (pro­vided by user), your sim­u­lated air­craft posi­tion in the ELITE soft­ware will appear geo-referenced on Sec­tional and IFR Enroute charts, IFR Approach Plates, and Air­port Taxi Dia­grams (if those fea­tures are part of the App you are using). Cur­rently, the ELITE Sim-to-App soft­ware sup­ports the fol­low­ing iPad apps:

Sound channel selector

ELITE now offers the ability to select your sound where they belong, no more will you have a difficult time listening to the ATIS or ATC scenarios. Assigning channels, will allow you to send the sound to the appropriate device with the correct volume level.

The current sound selectors are the following:

  • Engine Sound
  • Avionics
  • Warnings
  • ATIS/Coms
  • Pumps/Avionics Fan


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