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Enhanced Visual System Software Upgrade





  • Simulator USA Nav Data (02.02.2020)
  • Updated over 24,000 airports with new data across the entire globe.
  • Enhanced performance and graphical capabilities enabled by the new Microsoft DirectX 12 rendering engine.
  • Realistic sky, clouds, and atmosphere with Simul trueSKY integration.
  • Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0.
  • Added sloped runway support including AI takeoff and landing capabilities.
  • Updated time zones to match real-world boundaries.
  • Added brown-out and white-out effect support for helicopters.
  • Updated global terrain, elevation, water/shoreline data, and traffic routes.
  • Added surface perturbations to 2D water.
  • Updated Randolph AFB (KRND)
  • Updated runway surface textures to 4k PBR textures.
  • Updated various airport and land class textures.
  • Updated various road, railroad, stream, shoreline, and wake textures.
  • Fixed mismatched building textures.
  • Added several additional SpeedTree tree types and seasonal variants.
  • Updated taxiway signs to use PBR textures.
  • Improved jetway models and textures.
  • Added a multitude of new landmark buildings spanning the globe.
  • Sloped various airports across the globe.
  • Added multiple wildlife models.
  • Updated various effect values.
  • Adjusted autogenerated building height.
  • Updated airport light visibility.
  • Fixed visible border lines in the water between the US and Mexico.
  • Fixed height of the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  • Fixed issue causing longer bridges to intersect water in some cases.
  • Fixed issue causing bridge segments to clip into each other in some cases.
  • Fixed cases where hangar buildings were too large in some cases.
  • Updated boat terminals to prevent large boats from docking too close to shorelines.
  • Fixed various issues with weather settings not applying as expected over multiple weather stations.
  • Reduced instances of freeway traffic disappearing along road segments.
  • Improved bridge and overpass handling for freeway traffic.