PI-1000 Professional AATD

The offered ELITE PI-1000 Professional Flight Simulation Training Device is a generic depiction featuring generic SEP and MEP aircraft models, with all basic functionalities covered. Both Single Engine Piston and Multi Engine Piston aircraft models with one set of instrumentation are included in the basic package.

It comes with the following items:

  • Replica G1000 Instrumentation
  • Generic switches panels, accurate in size and placement with accurate buttons and knobs, replicating actual aircraft environments.
  • Heavy duty rudder pedals with toe brakes.
  • Professional grade Control Yoke with Dynamic Control Loading.
  • Flight console with generic power levers, rudder trim wheel, elevator trim wheel, parking brake, simulator freeze button and others.
  • Generic style Flap levers complete with annunciator light.
  • Pilot seat capable of fore and aft adjustment
  • Platform for the simulator, seats and pedals
  • 3 32” TVs and their stand.
  • Touchscreen instructor station and adjustable table
  • High performance ELITE computer
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5

The device is delivered completely configured and with the FAA Certificate for AATD devices.

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