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PI-135 Pro­fes­sional


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The ELITE PI-135 Basic ATD is our most afford­able, fully pro­ce­dural sys­tem, which can be used for com­plete startup, flight, and shut­down pro­ce­dures. You can even use the PI-135 to per­form the approaches, hold­ing pro­ce­dures, and intercepting/tracking required under sec­tion 61.57©(1) for recent instru­ment expe­ri­ence (instru­ment cur­rency)! 

This FAA-Certified Basic ATD sys­tem is approved for the fol­low­ing credits:

  • 2.5 hours toward Private rating
  • 10 hours toward Instrument rating
  • Recency of Flight Experience (RFE) Instrument

Our most afford­able, fully pro­ce­dural sys­tem! Built around the ELITE Pro Panel II flight con­sole, the PI-135 can be used for com­plete startup, flight, and shut­down pro­ce­dures. This sys­tem is rec­om­mended for instruc­tors, flight schools, or uni­ver­si­ties that want com­plete pro­ce­dural train­ing capa­bil­i­ties in a mod­er­ate price range. It is also great for intro­duc­ing non-instrument stu­dents to basic air­craft oper­at­ing pro­ce­dures. The Pro Panel is equipped with a Hobbs meter and panel ON/OFF key lock which make it a good choice for flight schools that want to closely mon­i­tor sim use time.


The PI-135 Professional includes:

  • ELITE Basic ATD v9.0 software
  • ELITE Pro Panel II
  • ELITE Pedals
  • AP 4000 Tower Avionics Panel with GNS 430/530
  • Instrument Panel Monitor
  • Multi-Engine Lever Throttle Quadrant
  • ELITE Computer with Enhanced Visual System
  • Complete ELITE Pilot Deck
    • Base, seat, custom height table, 3 screen stand and monitor mounts
  • Three (3) 32″ 1080p Curved LED Monitors with HDMI cables
  • Printed operations manual

Addi­tional Options:

  • King Air Power Quadrant
  • Vernier Throttle Quadrant
  • Single Engine Lever Throttle Quadrant
  • SimControlX remote instructor station compatibility (iPad App)

The ELITE Basic ATD 9.0 soft­ware includes the fol­low­ing aircraft:

    • Archer III (17 panel configurations)
    • Arrow IV (17 panel configurations)
    • Baron 58 (13 panel configurations)
    • Bonanza A36 (13 panel configurations)
    • Cessna 172R (17 panel configurations)
    • Cessna 172S (17 panel configurations)
    • Cessna 182S (17 panel configurations)
    • King Air B200 (13 panel configurations)
    • Money M20J (13 panel configurations)
    • Seneca III (13 panel configurations)

    To see the complete screen shot list visit:

*iPad Mount and iPad not included.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 in

3 Screen, 5 Screen

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