Pilot Deck with Monitors & Enhanced Visual System (PI-135 BATD sold separately)

$ 10'350.00

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Accurate ergonomics, especially the correct position correlation between yoke, pedals and the pilot is important when flying real aircraft and just as important when flying a simulator or aviation training device.  In the comfort of your home or school, you can enhance your training experience with the brand new ELITE Pilot Deck.

ELITE Pilot Deck with Monitors & Enhanced Visual System Includes:

  • Sturdy Platform Base
  • Adjustable Seat and Stainless Steel Seat Base
  • Custom Height Flight Simulation Table with Built in Computer Shelf
  • Pre-attached Ram Mount ball
  • Angled wrap-around style 3-screen monitor mount and stand designed to fit directly onto the custom desk
  • 3 – 32″ 1080p Curved Screen LED monitors
  • Pre-Configured Enhanced Visual System Image Generator
  • Technical support and warranty from ELITE

Everything you need for the complete Enhanced Visual System add-on to your ELITE simulator!

Click here for more details about the ELITE Enhanced Visual System

Note: PI-135 BATD sold separately

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NOTE: Product images show various configurations of the ELITE Pilot Deck. Please read the product description for details about what is included in your rudder.

ELITE Pilot Deck does not include rudder pedals, flight console (yoke/throttle quadrant), avionics stack, instrument monitor, PI-135 components or PI-1000.  Items are available as add-ons or complete FAA approved systems. Shipping costs vary and will be calculated at checkout.



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