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The TS-1000 is the newest addition to ELITE’s line simulators offering the most affordable, best value in G1000 trainers. The TS-1000 is a full featured, incredibly powerful touchscreen version of the G1000 cockpit trainers with multiple aircraft models. This trainer is available as a Desktop model or Professional model; the details of each product can be found below. This G1000 software was designed to accurately simulate as many features of the real G1000 as possible. The software already models the features VFR and IFR pilots use most frequently (and then some), and will be adding new features in the future. This device is an excellent option to supplement learning how to navigate through the myriad of pages and functions of the G1000 with incredible accuracy at a surprisingly affordable price.


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TouchScreen G1000 (TS-1000) Features:

  • Updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database
  • Obstacle icons, terrain, airways, and waypoints on the map page
  • VNAV and VPTH waypoint navigation
  • Departure and arrival procedures
  • LPV WAAS Approaches fully coupled with the Automated Flight Control System
  • Missed approach procedures
  • Coupled holds and procedure turns
  • Photorealistic bezel graphics with functional buttons and knobs controllable with the provided touchscreen monitor
  • Option to “Show mouse areas” which makes it easier to control the bezel knobs.

Features are continuously updated for even more functionality.

Aircraft Models (all included):

  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 172S
  • Cessna 182T
  • Cessna T182T
  • Cessna 206
  • Cessna T206
  • Diamond DA40
  • Diamond DA42
  • Beechcraft Baron G58

The TS-1000 Desktop Includes:

  • ELITE Pro Panel SE Flight Console
  • Touchscreen Monitor with G1000 components and Standby Instruments
  • ELITE Rudder Pedals
  • Monitor Stand
    • 1 Screen Monitor Stand Designed to fit Pro Panel Flight Console
    • 1 – 43″ 1080p LED monitor
  • One pre-configured ELITE computer
  • Enhanced Visual System
  • SimControl iPad Instructor Station App Code* (iPad not included)
  • Technical support and warranty from ELITE

The TS-1000 Professional Includes:

  • ELITE Pro Panel SE Flight Console
  • Touchscreen Monitor with G1000 components and Standby Instruments
  • ELITE Rudder Pedals
  • Complete ELITE Pilot Deck
    • Sturdy Platform Base
    • Adjustable Seat and Stainless Steel Seat Base
    • Custom Height Flight Simulation Table with Built in Computer Shelf
    • Angled wrap-around style 3-screen monitor mount and stand designed to fit directly onto the custom desk
    • 3 – 32″ 1080p LED monitors
  • One pre-configured ELITE computer
  • Enhanced Visual System
  • SimControl iPad Instructor Station App Code* (iPad & iPad Mount not included)
  • Technical support and warranty from ELITE

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Pro Panel II Flight Console
  • Additional Visual Screens
  • iPad Mounting System


G-1000 Specs

An updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database

You can train using the same navaids and frequencies you use when you fly for real.

A map display that looks just like the real G1000

To minimize negative transfer, our map displays were coded from scratch to look just like the real G1000. All the colors, symbols, and fonts mirror what’s on the real G1000 maps as closely as possible. Our maps also include highways and roads, railroads, cities, state and province boundaries, water body names, and realistic de-cluttering (in both North Up and Track Up orientations).


Obstacle icons are included on map displays, and accurate obstacle alerts and annunciations let you know when you get too close.


The Terrain Proximity page is simulated, as is the ability to display terrain on the Navigation Map. Terrain alerts and annunciations mirror those on the real G1000.


Airways and airway waypoints can be displayed on the map displays, and airways can be included in flight plans to save time entering your route.

Vertical Navigation (VNAV)

Vertical guidance based on specified altitudes at waypoints in the active flight plan, VNV Direct-to, and both manual and autopilot-coupled guidance (VPTH) are simulated. Altitude constraints associated with lateral waypoints can be manually entered, deleted, and followed using Vertical Path Tracking Mode (VPTH).

Departure and arrival procedures

The G1000 Student Simulator navigation database includes DPs and STARs, and they can be incorporated into flight plans.

Glidepath mode (GP) for LPV WAAS approaches

Almost 3,000 Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approach procedures have been published as of October, 2012. The G1000 Student Simulator’s GFC 700 Automated Flight Control System includes Glidepath mode. You can hand-fly these approaches using the Glidepath Indicator and flight director, or have the autopilot follow them. Without Glidepath mode, you can’t simulate flying LPV WAAS approaches at all.

Missed approach procedures

Missed approach functionality is realistically simulated, including Course to Altitude (CA) legs.

Coupled holds and procedure turns

The GFC 700 in the G1000 can fly course reversals (holds and procedure turns) that are part of an instrument approach.

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