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Update for ELITE RC-1 Advanced ATD


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New Update Available for Owners and Operators of ELITE RC-1 Advanced Aviation Training Devices (Must have Windows 7 or newer)

This update applies to RC-1 Simulators. A new Letter of Approval with an expiration date of October 31, 2024 will be delivered electronically during remote installation for the RC-1 trainers.

Included in this update:

  • ELITE Navigation Data for U.S. Regions
  • Sim Launcher ELITE Program Start-up Screen (see example below)
  • Sim-to-app iPad EFB Communication Protocol
  • Instrument Approach Scenarios (for customers using ELITE GenView scenery only)
  • New Letter of Approval, Expiration Date 10-31-2024


ELITE navigation database for the USA regions on ELITE RC-1 Advanced ATDs will be installed on trainers with software version ELITE 8 and up.  The database includes runways that are 3,000 ft and longer with approved IFR approaches, fixes, holding patterns, communication frequencies, airport information and navaids. Navigation cycle date 18/01.


An ELITE support technician will need remote access to the trainer via internet connection to complete the installation.


Sim Launcher ELITE Program Start-up Screen

Due to internet connectivity issues, and instability of the system we will no longer support Windows XP systems.


This update does NOT include GPS data.  GPS data is sold separately.


NOTE: This product is applicable to ELITE RC-1  Advanced Aviation Training Devices in the U.S. only.


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