Runway Alignment

Fixes Errors of Runway Alignment in Enhanced Visual Systems External Display

Certain runways and airport environments in the external visual no longer align with current navigation data. When flying approaches this causes an error that makes pilots appear off centerline or in some cases off the runway entirely in the visual when landing.

ELITE technicians must update the visual navigation data and develop new scenery generation to fix these errors. This product ensures that for one airport, all of it’s runways will be realigned and updated to match current data. After updating, when approaches are flown, the runway in the visual will match the ILS, RNAV, VOR, LOC, etc guidance so pilots can train more accurately. This enables pilots to see how far off course a seemingly small deviation would actually put them in reality. For some airports, runway numbers have changes, entire runways have been built, or significant changes have occurred in the airport layout including taxiways, signage and marking. ELITE’s runway alignment service will address these issues as well.

This Service Includes:

  • Re-alignment, re-numbering, and updating of all runways, taxiways and markings at ONE airport
  • Thorough testing of runway accuracy by ELITE support staff
  • Remote installation of the new airport data on your simulator

Please specify which airport you would like updated in the “notes” section during checkout.

Custom scenery can be built as well for specific local practice areas, helicopter landing pads, distinct airport buildings or landmarks and more. Please contact us to discuss your request and receive a quote.


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