Sim Restore

Sim Restore protects simulators by taking a snapshot of a desired configuration and settings set by the IT Admin. With every reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes are removed from the system, restoring it to its functional state. The program works by running in the background, and keeps instructors, students, and sim operators from inadvertently removing or changing settings that could adversely affect the simulator’s operation.

Ensure simulator recovery with every restart. Reduced simulator downtime means increased flight training productivity. Provide users with unrestricted access while preventing permanent configuration changes. Avoid the necessity of adopting restrictive defense or reactionary approaches for maintaining security. Prevent simulators from straying from their baseline configurations while still allowing users to save ELITE state files (USB thumb drive required).

You will need to purchase one license for EACH computer on your simulator system. Installation will be accomplished by an ELITE technical support specialist via remote access. Internet connection will be necessary on each computer for installation. Please purchase the product through the shopping cart above, then call ELITE to schedule an installation appointment.

Our EASA certified devices come with this service included.


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