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TH-50 Helicopter Flight Simulator

ELITE TH-50 Personal Helicopter Trainer

Presenting the NEW ELITE TH-50 Personal Helicopter Trainer. Because of customer demand, our programmers and engineers have worked hard to design and produce an affordable high quality rotary wing VFR trainer for flight schools and an entertainment and training platform for the helicopter flight enthusiast and home user. The flight model is based on the single engine turbine Eurocopter AS-350 helicopter.

Perform all helicopter maneuvers from hover, hover taxi, quick stops, confined areas, pinnacle landings and even autorotations. The TH-50 includes the stunning visual graphics of Prepar3D by Lockheed Martin. Fly in rain, snow, reduced visibility, turbulence, thunderstorms and variety of cloud conditions. Conduct helicopter maneuvers in both day and night settings. Many malfunction capabilities such as loss of tail rotor, loss of tail rotor thrust and instrument partial panel are available as well.

All flight controls including cyclic and collective switches are interfaced to the computer with a single USB cable… simple and effective.
The same single turbine engine rotary wing aerodynamic model used in the ELITE TH-100 Advanced ATD is used based on the Eurocopter AS-350. The ability to start, perform run up and shutdown procedures were removed for the convenience of operation. The TH-50 is fully instrumented and includes a GNS 530 WAAS for GPS and VOR navigation and approaches. The heading bug, OBS and radar altimeter is controlled by physical knobs.

The system comes complete with the seat platform with seat, cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals, hooded instrument monitor with mount, 65 inch LED TV, GPS and heading bug control module and TH-50 computer with pre-installed helicopter and visual scenery software.

A two year warranty against manufacturer’s defect is included at no extra cost.

*iPad and iPad Mount not included.

• United States navigational and visual
database standard
• World data available
• International GPS database

• GNS 530W
• Flight Director
• Turn and Bank indication
Compass w/OAT
• ForeFlight connection

• Accurately modeled insidious
failure behavior
• Virtual instrument covers (for partial
panel work)


  • AS-350

Optional Equipment


• Advanced static and/or dynamic
weather modeling
• Full control of wind, turbulence,
visibility, clouds, temperature, pressure
and icing
• Create and save an unlimited number
of weather “state” files

Instructor Station
• Horizontal, vertical, and extended
profile views
• Airspeed graph
• Flight data recorder with VCR-style
playback control
• Virtual airport facility directory
• Transponder tag, w/squawk code,
heading and altitude readout

• Quick “click and drag”
aircraft repositioning
• Real-timeand/or recorded flight
instrument presentation
• Route planner
• Heading/Distance MAP cursor (instant
E6B-style calculations)
• Print. save, and replay an unlimited
number of aircraft “path” files
• Create and save an unlimited number
of aircraft “state” files