Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC


Features of the Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC + APS MCC:

The offered ELITE A320 FNPT II MCC Training Device is a full replica of the actual A320 Flight Deck environment and its functionalities.

All relevant Flight Deck controls, panels, knobs, switches, and other components found in the actual aircraft Flight Deck are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the Training Device.
In addition to aircraft hardware, the aircraft systems and avionics are simulated in detail to ensure the ability to represent and train virtually all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. Behind the Training Devices Flight Deck is an Instructor Operating Station with sufficient room for the instructor and an observer.

Outside and in front of the Training Device is a curved projection screen where the synthetic world is projected on by three high-definition projectors that are mounted above the Training Device. The result is a highly accurate Flight Deck and large-scale visual system that provides immersive training environment which puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn jet flying skills that are nearly impossible to train using actual aircraft.



The A320 Flight Deck consists of the following:

  • OEM A320 professional Side Sticks, with PTT trigger, autopilot disconnect and priority functionalities
  • Replica A320 panels, highly accurate in size and text placement with accurate switches and knobs
  • Replica A320 interior trim pieces, highly accurate in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look and feel
  • Replica A320 dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with dynamic control loading and toe brakes
  • Replica A320 thrust levers complete with reverse levers, and motorized trim wheels
  • Replica A320 flap- and speedbrakes levers
  • Replica A320 tiller (CPT and FO), parking brake, and alternate gear extension handle
  • Replica electrical A320 Captain and Co-pilot seats capable of forward and backward adjustment. Optionally you may opt for OEM seats
  • Intercom system for communications between pilots and instructor
  • Headset with intercom

The main simulation features:

  • Realistic A320 dual Multi-Function Displays with multiple display formats, capable of displaying flight plan route, navigation aids, range to altitude and airports
  • Realistic A320 dual Primary Flight Displays with pilot-controlled v-speeds, MDA/DH, and barometric pressure
  • Realistic A320 ECAM system to include primary- and status pages with appropriate information displayed to include messages, engine gauges, flap & gear indications and engine vibration gauges, as well as detailed system synoptic pages to include electrical systems, environmental, hydraulic, anti-ice, doors, and flight controls
  • Realistic A320 Dual Radio Tuning Units capable of tuning navigation and communication frequencies, ADF frequencies, and setting transponder codes. Realistic FMS/MCDU with worldwide database that allows pilots to create flight plans incorporating STARS, SIDs, and jet airways, manipulate flight plans by creating new waypoints, deleting waypoints, extending intercept lines from waypoints, creating waypoints +/- nm from existing waypoints, input performance data such as temperatures for normal- and flex take-off and input weights for cargo, fuel, and passengers
  • Realistic A320 Auto Flight Control System with lateral modes to track headings or navigation signals and vertical modes to track GS signals, climb/descend in IAS or VS modes to capture preselected altitudes incorporating a Flight Director for both pilot and co-pilot
  • Realistic systems program to allow pilots to control APU and engine starts/shutdowns and control electrical-, hydraulic-, environmental-, anti-ice- and fuel systems with proper response to pilot inputs and tests
  • Realistic Audio Integration System with warning and caution chimes, aural warnings, fire bells, over-speed cues, and tests

Visual system:

  • 200 degree horizontal and 45 degree vertical, curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame
  • Three overhead projectors to create a high definition (HD) visual environment which simulates frontal and side window visual effects
  • 5760 x 1080 pixels (6.2 million pixels)
  • Pilot in Commands FOV Eye Point Adjustment through IOS station
  • Warping and Edge Blending
  • Structure for projector support
  • Features full immersion during the training session

Instructor Operator Station

The Instructor Operator Station by ELITE provides the following components and functionalities:

· Instructor Station Control Panel with intuitive touch-screen GUI

· Instructor station enclosure with Instructor desk, two Flat panel touch monitors intuitive and ergonomic layout and functionality

· Software capable of

o easily repositioning the aircraft to a variety of ground and Flight positions instantly

o adjusting the time to include dawn, day, dusk, night

o adjusting the weather such as: winds, cloud cover, visibility, rain and snow

o activating Pause, Reposition and Event Marking

· Loading saved scenarios to include: aircraft position, aircraft configuration and weather parameters

· Track and Departure/Approach plots to be recorded, displayed, stored and printable

· Simulation of a variety of failures which include, but are not limited to: engine failures, APU failures, Cargo failures, hot/hung starts and gear malfunctions, electrical failures as well as minor system faults

· Display of a moving map that shows aircraft position, surrounding airports, and navigational aids

· QTG test software

Certification level / approvals:

The ELITE A320 FNPT II MCC meets the following certification criteria:

  • FAA AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device) and FTD level 4-5

Customer Installations & Feedback :

“The A320 FNPT II MCC was commissioned and subsequently approved by the Greek CAA under EASA CS-FSTD A FNPT II MCC regulations. It features original OEM parts such as for example original Airbus side sticks and TEARS1 and TEARS 2 tray tables. “These helped provide a highly immersive training experience, allowing pilots to improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment. We at JETSIMs are impressed by the quality of the Airbus A320 simulator and continue to be committed to providing innovative and effective training solutions to meet the needs of our customers”, says Dimitris Perdikaris”. Read more here about the installation

TL Aviation, based in Möchengladbach also received their A320 which was certified by the very demanding german LBA. This device is the third from ELITE for TL Aviation, after a Seneca and a Cirrus SR20. 


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