Augusta Westland AW139 AATD

  • The offered ELITE AW139 Advanced Aviation Training Device is a generic depiction modelled closely after the Leonardo AW139 helicopter model, with all basic functionalities covered.


  • Most Flight Deck controls, panels, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the Training Device. In addition to aircraft hardware, the aircraft systems and avionics are simulated in great detail to ensure the ability to represent and train all phases of flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.


  • In addition, ground operations training can be executed by utilizing the highly accurate 3D airport or missing scenario add-on sceneries. By adding this option, the actual airport being replicated is closely matched, so that actual airport diagrams can be used in training. Pilots will find runways, taxiways, buildings, jet-ways, pads, hangars, etc. correctly placed. Runway and taxiway signs, as well as airport markings, are also detailed and accurate. Rehearsal and familiarization training of a specific airport is possible by adding either of these options, hereby greatly increasing the transfer of learning to the real world.


  • Installed in front of the device is either a large single channel projection screen or alternatively a three-channel curved projection screen which displays the synthetic world. Additional visual portrayal options are available. The result is a highly accurate Flight Deck and visual system which provides an immersive training environment and puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn aircraft flying skills that are, in some cases, impossible to train using actual aircraft.

Features of the ELITE AW139 Helicopter:

  • The AW139 option consists of the following;

    • Realistic Dual control cyclic, anti-torque pedals and collective.
    • Realistic Primus Epic PFD and MFD replica instrumentation.
    • AW139 aircraft specific switches.
    • 4 Axis autopilot.
    • State of the art integrated Force Trim Release on the cyclic system.
    • Replica Overhead Panel.
    • Onboard camera and custom IOS.
    • 3m DOME scenery system providing 180° out of cockpit visuals.
    • Flight Management System.
    • Extensive list of emergency procedures and malfunctions
    • Worldwide Visual Scenery with generic 3D Objects.
    • Updatable Local Area Navigational Data

The ELITE AW139 comes complete with a large number of simulated emergencies that can be performed in its simulator. the flight software program has a number of generic failures that can be switched on and off and elite has programmed a number of additional unique failures. these failures can all be controlled from the ios which is situated at the back of the simulation device.
as in the actual aircraft, the failures and malfunctions are divided up into the following main sections and are either present as a standard in the commercial software purchased or have been developed by elite specifically for the AW139 unit:

• Generic Failures

• Flight Control System
• Avionics System.
• Electrical Systems
• Engine Systems
• Fuel System
• Hydraulics Systems
• Instrument Failures
• Rotor And Transmission Failures

AW139 Custom Failures On The Epic Primus Include

1. Airspeed Indicator
2. Altitude Indicator
3. Vertical Speed Indicator
4. Attitude Indicator
5. Glideslope Indicator
6. Hsi Indicator
7. Ads Source
8. Ahrs Source
9. Revisionary Pilot Pfd And Mfd
10. Revisionary Co-Pilot Pfd And Mfd

Generic Failures And Emergencies

The flight simulation program has a number of detailed failures that can be used in the simulator, these failures can be turned on via the ios and are able to be activated on either a random, timed or immediate basis. The consequences and aircraft behavior of these pre-programmed failures come with fairly accurate changes to the flight dynamics of the aircraft.

• Pitot Heater Failure
• De-Icing Failure
• Rotor Break Failure
• Door Open
• External Power Left On
• Fuel Cap Left Off
• Water In Fuel
• Fuelled With Incorrect Fuel
• Fuel Tank Vent Blocked

Flight Control Systems.

• Autopilot Failure
• Pitch, Roll And Yaw Failures
• Cyclic Force Trims Off Or Failure
• Flight Controls Failure

Avionics Systems

• Primary And Multifunctional Flight Display
• Individual Unit Failure
• Gps Failure
• Audio Panel Failure
• Navigation System Failure
• Flight Director Failure

Electronic Systems.

• Generator Failure
• Battery Failure
• Main Bus Failure
• General Electrical Failure
• Strobe, Landing, Taxi And Instrument Lights Failure
• Electrical Fire

Engine Systems.

• Engine Oil Temperature Failure
• Engine Fire
• Engine Turbine Overspeed
• Engine Hot Start
• Complete Engine Failure
• Rotor Failure

Fuel Systems.

• Fuel Low
• Fuel Pump Failure
• Abnormal Fuel Consumption Hydraulics Systems.
• Landing Gear Failure
• Hydraulic Pump Failure
• Landing Gear Failure To Retract
• Landing Gear Failure To Deploy
• Tail Rotor Failure
• Transmission Failure
• Brake Failure Instrument Failures
• Engine; N1&N2; Torque; Itt; Fuel Flow; Fuel Pressure; Oil Pressure
• Navigation; Nav/Com; Adf; Gps; Dme
• Primary
• Sensor
• Radalt Failure

Rotor And Transmission

• Gearbox Over Torque
• Gearbox Chip Detector
• Gearbox Temperature
• Gearbox Malfunction


Optional enhancements available:

  • Additional Visual Channels
  • Bespoke custom built 3D visual scenarios
  • Enhanced 3D visual software package


Maximum credits available:

  • Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


  • 20 out of the 40 hours required for Instrument Rating
  • Cross-country instrument flight
  • All approaches including GPS non-precision approaches
  • Recency (includes two out of the three hours per 90 days and all approaches

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