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    Simulator model & external visual if applicable: RC-1PI-135RC-1viGate Model AiGate SeriesGenviewRealviewExternal monitor with P3DExternal visual monitor Genview/Realview
    Flight Console Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Pedals Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Radio/Avionics Type of Connection to Computer SerialUSB
    Control Loaded Yokes/Pedal YesNo
    GPS Real Garmin 430Virtual 430 ModuleReal Garmin 530Virtual ApolloVirtual TrimbleNone
    Do you have your ELITE WIBU Key? YesNo
    Current Type of Video Cable into Computer From:
    Instrument Monitor VGADVIDisplay PortHDMINA
    Instructor Station VGADVIDisplay PortHDMINA

    For the external visual display, how many TVs or projectors are being used? (if applicable)

    For the external visual display, what type of connections are available (HDMI, VGA etc)?

    Type of external visual monitor to be used after upgrade, check all that apply Non-HD MonitorMore than one non-HD Monitor1 HD Monitor3 HD Monitors5 HD Monitors1 ProjectorMore than one projectorImmersaview SoftwareOther (write in notes)

    Upgrades requested ELITE nav dataGPS nav dataEnhanced Visual System (EVS) with P3DNew ELITE computer (no EVS)Pilot deck - complete including monitorsPilot deck 3-screen monitor mount onlyPilot deck - 3-screen monitor mount including 3-32in monitorsDomeProjector visualVirtual GNS 430Virtual GNS 530Virtual GTN 650Virtual GTN 750Real GNS 430/530Real GTN 650/750PI-1000/RC-1000 Conversion to G1000

    Operating Airport

    Does your existing computer set up use a USB hub, and if so how many ports


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