S812 FNPT II G1000 Cessna 172

From start up, run up to shutdown, the ELITE C172 G1000 FNPT II replicates the most accurate form and function of the Cessna 172 G1000 equipped aircraft. Correct ergonomics of every switch, knob and lever location, coupled with fully functioning aircraft systems and spacious cockpit makes this trainer the most sophisticated and complete advanced aviation training device in its class. It is fully featured and technically advanced to provide the highest fidelity of training at the lowest possible cost. We use genuine OEM Garmin G1000 equipment that includes the GFC 700 flight director/autopilot. The C172 G1000 FNPTII is the perfect solution for G1000 Glass transition training, ab-initio, instrument and commercial students. Real Garmin avionics in an affordable cockpit specific trainer provides the best benefit to cost ratio.

  • The ELITE Evolution S812 C172 G1000 FNPT II Flight Simulation Training Device is a single seat, autopilot, original Garmin G1000® equipped Flight Simulation Training Device capable of representing almost all aspects of the operational envelope.

Features of the S812 Cessna 172 G1000 FNPT II:

  • The S812 FNPT II C172 G1000 Flight Deck contains the following:

    • Original Garmin G1000 instrumentation with integrated GFC700 autopilot
    • Generic C172 switches panels, accurate in size and placement with accurate buttons and knobs, replicating the actual aircraft environment.
    • Generic C172 interior trim pieces, accurate for this type of aircraft in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look and feel
    • Generic heavy duty rudder pedals with Dynamic Control Loading and toe brakes
    • Generic professional grade Control Yoke with Dynamic Control Loading
    • Generic C172 style centre console with power levers, rudder trim wheel, elevator trim wheel, parking brake, Emergency gear extension, Fuel control levers, simulator freeze button
    • Generic C172 style Flap levers complete with annunciator light
    • Pilot seat capable of fore and aft adjustment and height
    • Original aircraft 3-way Intercom system for communications between pilot and instructor, which allows use of actual aviation headsets
    • Standby instruments panel with compass
    • Plug-in interface external EFB SkyDemon, Foreflight or other EFB which are available

Optional enhancements available on all models:

  • Various visual display options such as single-channel, three-channel & 3-channel curved screen
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Bespoke airport and airfield visual sceneries and other visual software enhancements

Maximum credits available:


  • Log 5 Hrs Basic training towards PPL
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards ATP (Integrated)
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (Integrated)
  • Log 5 Hrs Instrument training towards CPL (Modular)
  • Log 35 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-SE (Modular)
  • Log 40 Hrs Instrument training towards IR-ME (Modular)
  • Log 25 Hrs Experience toward ATP
  • Log 50 Hrs Experience toward FI
  • Log 5 Hrs Instructor training toward FI
  • Log 10 Hrs Instructor training toward IRI


  • Log 2.5 Hrs towards the PRIVATE
  • Log 20 Hrs towards the INSTRUMENT
  • Log 25 Hrs towards the ATPL
  • Log 50 Hrs towards the COMMERCIAL
  • Recent Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


  • 20 out of the 40 hours required for Instrument Rating
  • Cross-country instrument flight
  • All approaches including GPS non-precision approaches
  • Recency (includes two out of the three hours per 90 days and all approaches)

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