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ELITE’s Sim-to-App soft­ware for v8.6, enables users of ELITE train­ing soft­ware to con­nect the soft­ware to cer­tain iPad flight apps—allowing pilots to bring real-world cock­pit prac­tices into the sim­u­lated flight envi­ron­ment. This makes your ELITE train­ing even more effective! 

With this soft­ware and a local WiFi net­work router (pro­vided by user), your sim­u­lated air­craft posi­tion in the ELITE soft­ware will appear geo-referenced on Sec­tional and IFR Enroute charts, IFR Approach Plates, and Air­port Taxi Dia­grams (if those fea­tures are part of the App you are using). Cur­rently, the ELITE Sim-to-App soft­ware sup­ports the fol­low­ing iPad apps:

Fol­low­ing is the sup­ported ELITE Software:

  • Core v8.6
  • Premium v8.6
  • PCATD v8.6
  • BATD v8.6
  • AATD v8.6

Please note, the Sim-to-App soft­ware is included with HOME XTS. The ELITE Sim-to-App soft­ware is only available to customers in the USA.

How to pur­chase and install the ELITE Sim-to-App software

For ELITE cus­tomers using Core v8.6, Pre­mium 8.6, PCATD v8.6, and BATD v8.6 soft­ware, sim­ply select the appro­pri­ate item in the shop­ping cart above. The link to download this program will appear on your order confirmation screen after checkout (seen below). In addition, you will also receive a confirmation email with the download link included, during our normal business hours.

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For ease of installation, purchase Sim-to-App on the computer you use to run your ELITE simulator then download and install Sim-to-App after purchasing. Directions on how to configure the program after installation can be found here.

For ELITE cus­tomers using Advanced ATD (AATD) train­ers, select the appro­pri­ate item in the shop­ping cart above, retain your pur­chase receipt, and call ELITE’s Tech­ni­cal Sup­port Team (407–359-8488) to sched­ule an appoint­ment for instal­la­tion. Note that the price of the AATD Sim-to-App soft­ware includes the cost of instal­la­tion. Hav­ing an inter­net con­nec­tion on your ELITE com­put­ers is extremely help­ful in per­form­ing the installation.

WiFi Con­nec­tiv­ity

The ELITE Sim-to-App soft­ware is designed to work with a WiFi router, com­monly used now in homes, offices, and flight schools. If a WiFi net­work is not avail­able for each trainer in use, or cir­cum­stances dic­tate they can’t be used (i.e. school set­ting where wire­less net­work­ing is not allowed), a cable can be used to trans­mit posi­tion data to the iPad. Please con­tact ELITE Tech­ni­cal Sup­port per­son­nel for avail­abil­ity and pricing.

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